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Learning Support Services Accessing Accommodations

Accommodations and Academic Adjustments

Note-taking Assistance

Note-taking services are available to students who have a diagnosed disability, and whose documentation supports this accommodation.  

Learning Support Services (LSS) recruits note takers; they are student who are taking the same course as the student requesting the service.  Our note takers are required to have the professor's approval before they are eligible to be a note taker.

Testing Accommodations and Adjustments ~ Reduced Distraction, Extended Time, Test Reader and/or Test Scribe, or Adaptive Technology

Students who have a documented disability that require an accommodation for testing services are eligible for this service.

Alternative Formatted Material

Alternative formatted material includes audio, large print, electronic text, Braille, and other specialized formats of textbooks, syllabi, and other class materials.  

According to copyright law, LSS can only provide alternative formatted materials to students with a verified print disability.  A print disability is defined as a disability that interferes with a student's ability to read, comprehend, or manipulate (hold, turn pages) traditional text.  

It is the student's responsibility to request alternate format prior to the beginning of the semester, if possible.  The conversion process is often lengthy and challenging, as each text is formatted specifically for individual students' needs; to that end, later requests may result in resources not being available at the beginning of the semester.

To request alternative formatted materials:

  • Contact LSS, Melrose Hall 020, 503-883-2562, as soon as possible, prior to the semester.