Law, Rights, and Justice Minor- Linfield College
Law, Rights, and Justice

Law, Rights, and Justice

Nicholas Buccola, Ph.D.

The interdisciplinary major in Law, Rights, and Justice is intended to encourage students interested in law to connect legal theory with legal practice, to explore law through the lenses provided by multiple disciplines, to think critically about the relationship between law, rights, and competing conceptions of justice, and to combine liberal learning with possible career aspirations. Through an interdisciplinary program that combines humanistic with social scientific forms of inquiry, students will have opportunities to think critically about a variety of issues such as the sources of law, the functions of law, the impact of law on society and society on law, the behavior of legal elites, the impact that behavior has on ordinary people, the relationship between law and morality, the nature and value of rights as well as how competing conceptions of justice can provide us with lenses through which to view the relationship between law and freedom, virtue, democracy, equality, and human flourishing.

The Law, Rights, and Justice major will provide students with skills that will serve them well should they decide to attend law school or should they decide to pursue another path: the ability to read complex texts, the ability to assess the logic of arguments, the ability to do independent research, and the ability to communicate effectively through speech and writing. The major will be housed in the Department of Political Science.