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Kaltura Information

Kaltura Information

What is Kaltura?

Kaltura is Linfield’s web based (or “Cloud”) streaming server. It allows faculty to easily create and share video and music files with students. It streams these files to student computers in a way that helps overcome issues with large files, limited bandwidth, and player compatibility as well as helps us adhere to fair use compliance guidelines. Files can be streamed in selected portions, streamed for a specified time or location, and linked within Blackboard courses.

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Why use Kaltura instead of just Blackboard or CatFiles?

There are a number of benefits to using Kaltura streaming media server over sharing files uploaded directly through Blackboard or CatFiles.

  • Increased Access. Kaltura streaming makes it easier for those students who lack a fast internet connection to watch videos without having to wait until the file is downloaded.
  • Copyright Protection. Kaltura also allows us to prevent users from downloading media, protecting your copyrighted materials and those of others with whom we license limited rights.  In contrast, Blackboard, CatFiles and other network storage locations often only allow for content to be downloaded, not streamed.
  • Media creation. Kaltura offers “Capture Space” a set of tools that enable you to easily create audio files, videos, screencasts, and voice-over-PowerPoints within your browser.
  • Reuse of your media. With Kaltura it is easy to include media in multiple courses. No need to upload the files repeatedly.