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Jan Term 2018

Jan Term 2018

Linfield hosts an array of events, workshops and lectures during Jan Term. These are focused around Connecting to the College, Examining Identity, Career Exploration, Service, and Professional Development. Details about each event can be found on Linfield's Events Calendar.


Jan 12  Knit & Purl with Nursing, 4pm
Jan 13  Service Saturday: MLK Jr. Day of Service, 8:30am
Jan 15  Service: Housing Authority Hygiene Kits, 6pm
Jan 21  Tie Blanket Making, 2pm
Jan 27  Cozine Cleanup, 9am


Jan 15  Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Event, 8pm
Jan 18  Global Cooking: India, 5pm
Jan 22  triangle productions!, 7:30pm
Jan 25  Global Cooking: Mexico, 5pm
Jan 29  Meaningful Movies, 6:30pm


Jan 3  Career Exploration Keynote: Nonprofit Careers, 1pm
Jan 5, 9, 11, 17, 19 & 22  Creating Your Mission for Life & Career (Drop-In), 10am and 4pm
Jan 12  Knit & Purl with Nursing (Drop-In), 4pm
Jan 16  Healthcare Career Panel, 4pm
Jan 20  Anatomy Lab Tour, 11am
Jan 24  Anatomy Lab Tour, 6pm


Jan 4  Sip and Spit Wine Tasting, 5:30pm
Jan 9, 16 & 23  Cooking Class, 6pm
Jan 10  Path to Scholarship, 1:30pm
Jan 11  Cheese Tasting with Oregon Cheese Guild, 5:30pm
Jan 17  WildTalks: Ten 5-minute "Adulting" talks, 4pm


Jan 4  CatCab Presents: Tay Watts, 7pm
Jan 6  Saturday Night @ Linfield: Escape Room, 2pm
Jan 9  Meet the Greeks, 7pm
Jan 9  Intramural Sports Night, 7pm
Jan 11  CatCab Presents: The Talbott Brothers, 7pm
Jan 13  Saturday Night @ Linfield: Comedian Feraz Ozel, 9pm
Jan 14 & 21  Late Night Breakfast, 10pm
Jan 14  Linfield International Amazing Race, 11am
Jan 19  RHA Black Light Dance, 8pm


Jan 2  Women's Basketball vs. Northwest, 5pm
Jan 3  Women's Basketball vs. Willamette, 6pm
Jan 3  Men's Basketball: vs. Willamette, 8pm
Jan 5  Women's Basketball vs. Pacific Lutheran, 6pm
Jan 5  Men's Basketball: vs. Pacific Lutheran, 8pm
Jan 13  Women's Basketball vs. Puget Sound, 4pm
Jan 13  Men's Basketball vs. Puget Sound, 6pm
Jan 19  Women's Basketball vs. Whitman, 6pm
Jan 19  Men's Basketball vs. Whitman, 8pm
Jan 20  Men's/Women's Swimming vs. Lewis & Clark, 1pm
Jan 20  Women's Basketball vs. Whitworth, 4pm
Jan 20  Men's Basketball vs. Whitworth, 6pm
Jan 26  Women's Basketball vs. Pacific, 6pm
Jan 26  Men's Basketball vs. Pacific, 8pm