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Journalism and Media Studies

Journalism and Media Studies at Linfield

Journalists and media producers are, at their heart, storytellers. If you like to create videos, articles and photos, a JAMS major will teach you how media reach people, and why media matter. From your first day on campus, build on your coursework by joining student media groups—the Linfield Review, KSLC FM, and Wildcat Productions. You will develop the knowledge needed to advance to real-world organizations that create and distribute media content or to graduate study in the field.
Journalism and Media Studies majors might take:
JAMS 150
Living in a Media World
Explore how people use media, the organizations that make media, and the media technologies we encounter every day.
JAMS 180
Multimedia Storytelling
Acquire the skills you’ll need to tell stories on the Internet, including coding, writing, photography, video, and graphic design.
JAMS 343
Social Media Theory and Practice
Learn how social media work, and how professionals in journalism and public relations use social media to reach audiences.
For more information about a major or minor in Journalism and Media Studies contact: Admission.