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Information Technology Services

Virus Information

Linfield has antiviral protection on its email system. This software will warn the receiver of the presence of a virus, advise them of procedures to remedy the problem and disinfect the message. Linfield's virus protection covers users with Linfield email accounts (Outlook and WebMail). There is no virus protection for those using an external email system (i.e. Hotmail, Yahoo, MSN, etc.).

The ITS Department strongly supports anti-virus protection at the personal user level. Virus protection is installed on Linfield faculty, staff, and lab computers by the ITS department.

Ignore Web Site popups saying you have a virus. This is just another way to have your computer (and possibly your identity) compromised. Ignore the message. If you are concerned, or have inadvertently clicked on a link, feel free to email the ITS Support Desk or give them a call (503-883-2553) for assistance.