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Snow in Japan

  • Acquire a deeper and more profound understanding of different cultures.
  • A semester or year abroad provides skills and outlooks that are valued in today’s competitive workplace.
  • Learn a second language and attain a perspective that is receptive and sensitive to cross-cultural traditions and differences.

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Semester Abroad Resources

For additional questions, please contact the International Programs Office, Walker Hall (Suite 120) or call 503-883-2222. Email: ipo@linfield.edu

Non-Linfield Programs

See the International Programs section of the Linfield Course Catalog for information on participating in non-Linfield programs.

Cultural Transformation

Nicki Bissey, a Linfield athlete and nursing student, experienced a life-changing semester abroad in Ecuador during the Fall of 2018.

Read her story here: Cultural Transformation

Quotes from Previous Study Abroad Participants

"Every student who goes to Linfield College needs to study abroad. It’s a once in a life time opportunity that will change the way life is lived. I have come out a better person with real world knowledge just by living in a country completely different than my own. Having a wide range of knowledge about other parts of the world can only benefit one’s life."

- Daniel Hellinger

"It’s been a wild ride, that’s for sure. It was everything and nothing I expected it to be. It was the best and worst to be so far away from home. It was so easy and so stressful to jump into this new, beautiful culture. This semester feels like it has lasted a lifetime but ended in a blink of an eye."
- Mary Beth Jones

"'All people are the same; only their habits differ. I couldn’t agree more that studying abroad is one of the best ways to truly understand this message."
Savannah Fellers