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Study Abroad Returnees

The following are a list of resources for students after returning from studying abroad.

Re-Entry Sessions

All semester/year-long study abroad participants are required complete one of the following as part of the requirements for IDST 031.

  1. Linfield Re-Entry Session
    • The Re-Entry session put on by the International Programs Office in collaboration with Career Development.  Students will have the opportunity to share stories from their experiences abroad, learn about reverse culture shock, and learn about how to get involved with international/cultural groups at Linfield.  Students will also hear from the Career Development office on how to maximize the time they spent abroad and incorporate it into their resume, cover letters, and interviews for their job search or grad school.
  2. 5-7 page research paper with sources discussing the following:
    • Reverse culture shock
    • Best academic and cultural experiences and how you intend to incorporate them into your lives in the future; academically, professionally, and/or personally
    • Meeting with Career Development to talk about how to incorporate time abroad into your resume, cover letters, and interviews for jobs and/or grad school
    • Interview with a past returnee comparing and contrasting your experiences abroad and upon reentry
    • You will also need to submit a copy of your resume that includes your experiences abroad
  3. Lessons From Abroad Oregon Conference (Fall only – spots are limited)
  4. International Peer Mentor Program (Spring only – continues through summer and early fall.)

Study Abroad Ambassadors

The Study Abroad Ambassadors are a group of Linfield students who have studied abroad.  The ambassadors help with promoting study abroad to other students on campus and to prospective students.  The group also meets regularly to share their study abroad experiences with one another and help each other through reverse culture shock.  Some of the events the ambassadors help at include:

  • Study Abroad Fairs
  • Admission Days
  • Tabling throughout the year
  • Pre-Departure Orientation
  • Re-Entry

Study Abroad Ambassador Application (PDF)

Study Abroad Ambassador Application (Word)

  • You will need to download the PDF on your computer so it is fillable.
  • Deadline: September 16 at 11:59pm

Study Abroad Photo Contest

The IPO sponsors a Study Abroad Photo Contest each year.  Details on how to submit photos will be provided by email to study abroad participants in the spring semester.

Further Resources