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Linfield College Lecture Quiz

Are you ready for the exciting challenge of a US classroom?

Watch this brief video clip from a sociology class lecture to test your listening comprehension and note-taking skills.  
Move your mouse over the picture to find the play button. Please keep track of your answers and score on a piece of paper.
Click on the Answer button to see the correct answer and the next question.


Listen for general ideas and answer these questions (1 - 4).

  • 1. What would be the best subtitle for this part of the lecture?
    1. Power and Prestige
    2. How Boys Become Men and Girls Become Women
    3. Inequality of Male and Female Characteristics
    4. Gender Role Stratification

  • 2. What are some masculine characteristics the professor mentions?
    1. weak and dependent
    2. indirect and visual
    3. decisive and logical
    4. strong and independent

  • 3. How does society send messages about gender roles?
    1. by giving books to boys and girls
    2. visually, directly, and indirectly
    3. through public education
    4. all three

  • 4. What is an example of a direct message that society sends regarding gender roles?
    1. Here is how to be a man.
    2. Here is how to be a woman.
    3. Oh, boys don’t cry.
    4. Independence is better than dependence.