The Journey Begins

Hello! My name is Tanner and I just arrived at the University of Nottingham!

The journey here started a couple years ago when I decided to attend Linfield College for my higher education. Whilst applying, I learned about their study abroad programs and immediately knew I would study abroad. I eventually applied for the England program and was accepted!

After filling out paperwork and waiting for the day to come, on Wednesday September 1st I arrived at Portland International Airport (PDX) with my family and best friend. After saying goodbye and going through security, it hit me, I am going to England for 5 months! Fun fact, while waiting at my gate I met someone who knew a professor at Linfield!

Tanner Coulter sitting at PDX airport with the caption "Made it!!!"
A Snapchat of myself waiting at my gate waiting for my flight to board.

Eventually the time came to board the airplane. I got to my seat, excited as ever to fly. This was my first time flying alone and my second time flying internationally.

Over the course of approximately 3hrs, we went from PDX to Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW)! By the time we unloaded the plane, I had roughly a hour and a half to find my next gate, get food, and use the restroom. Luckily the person who sat next to me on the plane, helped me figure out the speed rail system to get to my next gate. Got everything done and I made it on time with 30 minutes to spare. When boarding this plane, I was still starstruck that I was going to be studying in England for this next term; I stayed that way till I landed at Heathrow Airport (LHR).

Landing at LHR gave me an adrenaline rush as I was excited to be in England! Going from the arrival gate to the arrival hall took sometime but was a smooth process. Afterwards, I got a iced cappuccino and waited for my taxi to arrive. Once arrived, we got my bags loaded and  were off to The University of Nottingham.

While writing this, I am currently wrapped up in my blanket eating breakfast in my temporary accommodations (housing)  at 6am. I am excited to say my few year journey to get here has ended and my 5 month journey of being here has started! I can’t wait to share everything I have done, learned, and experienced.

Tanner's family the night before his first flight
My family and I celebrating my last night in the United States. Not pictured is the cheesecake and Crumbl Cookies we had😁