Bordeaux, France (Part 2)

Stone church with tower topped with a golden spire in Bordeaux, France.
Buildings in Bordeaux.

Before we decided on which cities to visit, we had the options between Paris, Toulouse, and Bordeaux. As you can see, we decided on saving Paris for later.  Kayla and Emily decided to go to Paris the next day because they did not have any classes on Monday. However, the rest of us did and we did not plan on missing any classes (Be Responsible!). Quick advice, if you want to travel, try traveling to places you wouldn’t normally visit. Obviously, I would have visited Paris, but decided to try cities I did not know much about. Which is why our final stop was at Bordeaux.

Breakfast was pancakes served with bananas, whipped cream, organge juice and coffee.
Breakfast at Books & Coffee

After we arrived at our Airbnb in Toulouse, we got ready for the next day before we fell asleep. In total, we probably got 4 hours of sleep. We had to wake up early in the morning and walk around to go catch our bus to Bordeaux. The bus ride felt long, but we were able to catch up on sleep. When we finally arrived at our location, we walked around and tried finding a place to get breakfast. However, I guess it was too early because most places were closed. However, we ended up finding a cute place that was opened called Books & Coffee. I wanted to get a traditional French breakfast but ended up getting pancakes… don’t ask.

After breakfast, we took a tour of the city, which I don’t remember much about, mainly because I was still tired. On this tour, we met some pretty great people, two of whom were teachers. Being an education major, I asked a couple of questions and they recommended I look into teaching abroad. Anyway, we also learned about the city and how it used to be very dirty. Once cleaned, the buildings are the color they have now. On our tour, the tour guide also recommended two places to go wine tasting. When choosing between which cities we wanted to go, Bordeaux was one of them because of the wine. (Reminder: The legal drinking age in most of Europe is 18. If you’re not 18, I’m sorry). However, before we went for wine, we got lunch at a crepe place. We also stopped for macaroons.

Savory Crepe with tomatoes, muchrooms for lunch.
Crepe… this time for lunch.
Vanilla and chocolate macaroons
Macaroons (had to get some because we were in France).

One of the wine places our tour guide recommended was called Vin: Cousin & Compagnie. According to our guide, the glasses of wine were pretty cheap and the customer service was great! We did not end up going to that place for wine. Instead, we went to Le Bar à Vin, which looked classy and had great prices for the glasses of wine. We also decided to go to that one because it was closer to where we were at that moment. This place offered many wines from Bordeaux. I ended up trying a white wine and rosé. Overall, it was a great place to relax after all our walking. I was able to know more about the girls during this time.

Enjoying a glass of rosé wine.
rosé at Le Bar à Vin
Mosaic art inside Le Bar à Vin.
Inside Le Bar à Vin

While we were enjoying our wine, a group of people sitting next to us started looking at us and laughing at us. Since everyone from my group knew French, they knew what they were saying. Apparently, they were making a rude comment about us. We decided to ignore it and not cause a scene. It was a bit uncomfortable but sometimes it is better to ignore some of the things that happen in order to avoid any problems and avoid looking bad in a different country.

After that little incident, we decided to walk to the nearby fair on Place des Quinconces. Our timing was on point because the sun started setting and it looked beautiful (just look at the picture). While we walked around, we decided to have our dinner at one of the stands. We got some doner kebabs with fries on top. It was good but not as good as the ones in Galway from Capital Kebab (the best and my fave food to get when I’m too lazy to cook). After that, we walked some more and Ciara and Kayla decided to go on the ferris wheel. The rest of us waited with their bags.

Deep blue and pink sunset over the buildings in Bordeaux, France.
sunsets in Bordeaux

After this, we came upon a stand with beignets. I regret not taking a picture so you guys can see how beautiful and delicious it looked. Anyway, they made it fresh and had Nutella and Biscoff Spread. I was full and did not end up getting one. However, Ciara got one and let me try hers. It was amazing, especially with the Biscoff Spread. 10/10 recommend. After walking around some more, we went to our hostel and said goodbye to Emily and Kayla. They were going to catch either a train or bus (I don’t remember which) to go to Paris.

French Breakfast with pastry.
Finally got my French Breakfast
French Breakfast with pastry, jams and butter.
Another breakfast pic

The next morning, we had time for some breakfast before we had to head to the airport. During our tour from the previous day, the guide told us breakfast at Karl was a must because of their affordable prices and their traditional French breakfast. I was finally able to get the breakfast I wanted! Also, the food pics turned out great! After breakfast, we caught the bus to the airport and waited to head home. I loved France so much and can’t wait to go to other cities in the future.

Tall narrow stone spires.
more pics from this trip 🙂
Stone Buildings in Bordeaux
Cute building everyone was taking pics of.
Student posing in narrow street surrounded by stone buildings.
Random pic of me.


Student standing in the large city courtyard with large stone buildings in the background.
Another pic








Narrow Streets lined with tall stone buildings with many windows.
Really loved how this photo came out so I had to share.
Group of girl students with the river in the background.
With the girls.