Auf Wiedersehen Wien

My final weeks in Vienna were probably some of the most bittersweet moments. With finals being close and classes being almost over, we took this opportunity to do more cultural things in Vienna (which, there is ALWAYS many to choose from.)

front of the Austrian parliment
SPÖ Chairwomen Rendi Wagner speaks alongside the rest of parliament.

There was this hearing at parliament and we were lucky enough to sit in and listen to the Austrian parliament. Though our German wasn’t exactly good enough to understand the politicians, it was fun to see all the politicians that we’ve been learning about for months in real life.

Front view of the stage in the Vienna State Opera House displaying art.
Art on display before the show

The next thing we did was an absolute must in Vienna – the Vienna State Opera! The four of us got all dressed up for the event and even though the show was all in Russian, they provided each seat with a screen where it would translate the show into your desired language. It was great to finally see the inside of a building I passed hundreds of times on my way to class.

Our farewell party at the institute was a fun way to say our goodbyes to institute staff, professors, language assistants, and other students at the institute. We took lots of photos and it was hard to say goodbye to the institute and the people who helped us with so much in our semester abroad.

Our group of 4 student posing for a photo with Hermann Weissgarber, our director.
Legendary sorority squat photo
Our group of 4 students posing with staff from the Austro-american Institute where we took our classes.
left to right: Gretel, Delaine, Kara, me, Anna, Hermann, Wolfgang, and Dane
Our student group of 4 posing with one of our professors, Heinz Kröll.
Our professor Heinz Kröll; this was his last year teaching (or so he says)
Amazing piece of chocolate cake on a plate with ice cream at an Austrian cafe, along with cups of coffee.
Amazing chocolate cake at Cafe Central!

With finals being over, we took the final days in Vienna to do some of the touristy stuff we had left for last. Delanie and I finally waited in line to get into the famous Cafe Central and I can definitely say it was worth it!

On our final day in Vienna, we went ice skating at Rathausplatz. It was my first time ever ice skating, but luckily Delanie and Dane were good at supporting me while I got used to the ice. Melissa, a participant from the Austria program in the year before also joined us. It was great to exchange experiences and talk about the things we missed from back home.

3 of our student group posing on a ice skating ring
Trying to keep my balance while we took a photo
4 of our student group posing on ice skates on a ice ring
Finally got the perfect picture after help from the ledge

Studying abroad in Austria has been one of the best experiences of my life. Linfield could’ve not partnered with a better institution, AAIE is amazing and the people that work there really care about giving students the best experience possible.

close up photo of my host family'x dog
My host dog, Pitu

My host family was amazing and I will forever have that connection abroad.

Vienna itself is a city full of culture, history, and art. If you are considering studying abroad here, do it! You won’t regret it.

Until next time, Vienna.