Favorite Food Places + Connemara

First things first! I found a boba (bubble tea) place in Galway! If you know me, you know how much I LOVE boba! This boba place is called Bubble Bee and they also have bubble waffles, cakes, and they also have a different homemade meal every day. I only tried their mango iced tea with boba, but I’ll make sure to try their other items on their menu.

Mango iced tea with boba
Mango iced tea with boba

Another place that I love is Cupán Tae, which is a Gaeilge word that translates to cup of tea. Before coming to Galway, I followed this food Instagram page that recommended this place. Since arriving, I have been wanting to come. I first went with Lily, a new friend I made in Galway. We both love tea so when we first met, we decided to go to this tea place together. On that day, I ordered the pancake and their famous Dreamy Creamy Galway Tea, which is made of black tea, roasted coffee beans, and jasmine flowers.

Tea and Pancakes at Cupán Tae shop
Cupán Tae with Lily

Later that same week, I returned to Cupán Tae with two of my roommates. They absolutely loved it and we will definitely be back again. This time, I got their special of the day which was a slice of carrot cake with ice-cream on the side. I also tried their Spicy Chocolate Kiss Tea, made of rooibos tea, spices, and cocoa kernels. If you ever find yourself in Galway, we 10/10 recommend this place.

Cupán Tae with roommates
Tea time with my lovely roommates
Carrot cake and ice-cream
Carrot cake with ice-cream on the side.
Tea time with desserts
Tea time

Another fun thing I have done with my roommates is taking a trip to Connemara! This was kind of last minute, but last-minute plans are always the best! We went with a couple of other friends we had met at NUIG. We left early in the morning and made multiple stops on the way.

On the way, we stopped at many places to view the ocean, rivers, and sheep. We also stopped at An Ceardlann in Spiddal, which is a village known for it’s crafting. Although we only had a short stop here, I would definitely try to come back here to get a couple of souvenirs. We also stopped by a river that our tour guide said many call Guinness due to its deep brown color and the foam the river produces. The ride was filled with great views, but I did get a bit carsick due to the bumpy ride.

Village of Spiddal with blue skies
Cottage on the way to Connemara
Sheep in Connemara on green and brown pastures with a creek running through it.
Connemara sheep.
River Foam
‘Guinness’ River
Roads across the moors in Ireland next to the ocean.
Roads of Ireland

My favorite part of the trip was arriving at Kylemore Abbey. In 1850, Mitchell Henry and his wife, Margaret Henry, came to Connemara for their honeymoon. She fell in love with Connemara and Mitchell Henry came back to purchase 15,000 acres and built Kylemore Abbey. Around 1920, it became the home of the Benedictine Nuns. From 1923-2010, it became an international boarding house ran by the Benedictine Nuns. Today, the nuns are still a large part of Kylemore Abbey.

During our visit, we were able to walk inside certain parts of Kylemore Abbey, the chapel, and the Victorian Walled Garden. The rooms in the castle were huge and each room was unique. The walls and furniture made it seem like we traveled back in time. If I could live anywhere, this place would be it. The lake next to the castle makes it even better.

Kylemore Abbey with a hill in the background overlooking a lake.
Kylemore Abbey
A large castle next to Kylemore Abbey
Right next to Kylemore Abbey.
Sitting by the lake next to Kylemore Abbey.
Sitting next to the lake with Kylemore Abbey behind me.
Outdoor Thermometer inside the Victorian walled garden at Kylemore Abbey.
Inside the Victorian Walled Garden.

After this whole day trip, we returned back and some of us decided to go the docks to view the sunset. During this time, I was reflecting on my time here and all I want to do. Classes have been great, especially a mythology class I have been taking. I enjoy walking around and getting to know new places. I also have a lot of free time to explore the city. I am grateful for my time here and all the people I have met so far.

Sunset over Galway with a deep blue sky.
Sunsets in Galway.