Kara and I decided to take a night train to Venice, Italy. The night train seemed like a good idea since we would leave Thursday night and arrive the next morning.

two women taking a selfie with the canals of Venice in the background
Kara and I

What we failed to realize was that our tickets were for the Sitzplatz, not a Schalwagen. This meant that we had to sit and sleep on a seat for nine hours instead of sleeping on a bed on the train. It was definitely an experience, but we made the most of it.

We were both expecting a crowded and tourist-filled place. Venice is the place to visit and the weather was still nice enough to expect tourists to be roaming around (I talk as if we’re not tourists too.)

side of a tall Venetian building with windows
The sunset lighting was amazing

But we ended up arriving to an almost empty city. Even walking around, there were not as many tourists as we originally thought there would be. This, however, was a huge blessing. We got to explore Venice and take in all its beauty.

boats driving through one of the Venetian canals
Boats were the main form of transportation

The most interesting thing about Venice was its public transportation. All of it was all by boat! It was great to not only get around the city but also see it from the water too.

If you study in Vienna or even in a surrounding country. I highly recommend Venice.