Gems of Eastern Europe

Our second trip together as a group outside of Austria was to Budapest, Hungary. The city was about a 3-hour bus ride from Vienna and was the perfect city for a weekend getaway. 

Photo of St. Stephen's Basilica between two buildings
St. Stephen’s Basilica

We had a long list of things we wanted to see, do, and eat in Budapest. On the first day, we opted to not buy a public transportation ticket and walk around the city. We ended up walking around 14 miles that day, though it was a great way to get to know the city. 

4 students on a bridge with a river in the background
The four of us on the Chain Bridge

One of the more traditional foods we tried in Budapest was Lángos, which is a fried dough, usually topped with sour cream and cheese. 

langos on a plate held by a hand
Lángos with my two favorite things, cheese and sour cream

A great view of the city is at the Freedom Statue. The trek up to the monument was steep, but worth it for the views and historical meaning. It was erected in memory of the Soviet liberation of Hungary in World War II. 

a bridge with the sun setting to the distance
Elizabeth bridge with the Danube running underneath

Budapest can be divided into two sides; the Buda and the Pest side. These sides are parted by the Danube river, which also runs by Vienna. The chain bridge, which connects Buda and Pest together, was also an iconic monument of Budapest. 

The next weekend, we made another bus ride to Prague, Czech Republic. 

four students smiling
The views from the tower were amazing

Prague was a study trip that was arranged with our study abroad program. We went with Professor Kröll, who was more than knowledgeable about the city. 

red roofs of houses close together
The red roofs of Prague

We visited the Astronomical Clock Tower, where we had amazing views of the city.  We also visited St. Vitus Cathedral, St. Nicholas Church, and Jewish Synagogues. It was my first time being in a synagogue and I learned a lot about the religion and its history in Prague. 

stained glass window inside a cathedral
A stained window in St. Vitus Cathedral

I am so grateful to have come to Europe because I have learned so much about WWII through the lenses of different nationalities and religions. Not only that, but it is twice the fun when you can visit or see historical locations in real life.

two people in front of a table with a plate of food
Delanie and Kara enjoying their pork knuckle