5-year Dual Degree Program Introduction

Hello from Portugal! For those that do not know, Linfield has partnered with a school in Europe to offer a dual degree program that allows students to finish their bachelor’s degree while completing their master’s degree in Europe. The best part… it’s a master’s in wine, in Europe, and I have never been. Could it get any better?

The uniqueness with this program, on top of expediting your masters, is you get to study within at least four different countries. I am currently in my second week in Vila Real, Portugal at a University nicknamed UTAD. Next term will be Italy, the following: France, and then I get to choose where to do my thesis work. Throughout the semesters are study trips to different areas as well; for example this term I’ll be spending a week studying in Spain.

The set-up of this program is new and very exciting, but of course, with anything new comes opportunities for improvement. I have not started school yet, instead I had orientation for a week and now working in a wine cellar through an internship I was placed at through part of my schooling. Happy to say, I think I picked the right career path for me because I am truly loving the hard and labor intensive work.

I’ll actually start school in October and will write more personally and informative then, because I haven’t had any real down time yet, but for now I need to go taste wine with coworkers and prepare for work in the morning.


Emma Anderson