My First Few Days

Hi everyone!

My name is Isis and I’m studying abroad in South Korea. I’ve been here for three days but honestly it feels like forever. The plane flight was extremely long but I didn’t, and still don’t, think that I’m in a foreign country. I thought there was going to be a massive amount of culture shock, but everyone here just keeps to themselves, and are super friendly and helpful if you need anything. On the student under an umbrella in the rainfirst day I moved in and met my roommate. I was most concerned with not knowing anything about my roommate, but I got really lucky and my roommate is one of the coolest people I know — and we have the same birthday! 

Since classes haven’t started my days are filled with just exploring the country as best as I can before I have to focus on school, and I have a really great group  of friends that are from all over the world to help navigate where we are.

Group of international students in a restaurant

There’s a really cool place about ten minutes from campus where you can get shaved ice and shop. I’m not a big shopper — and this place is definitely a giant shopping mall — but my roommate is (that’s her in the picture above) and it’s fun just exploring with her.

These are my friends! They are from Mexico, the USA, Spain, the Netherlands, and Switzerland! It’s really cool because I’ve known them for two days but they are already life-long friends 🙂

Inside the Myeong-dong store with Jake, a Korean-American student, doing face masks.
This is Jake. He’s Korean American and helped me convince everyone else to do face masks with us 🙂
Inside a Myeong-dong store.
This is us at one of the stores in Myeong-dong. We were there for 10 minutes before we realized that it’s a store for all the BTS members (they’re a really popular Kpop band)

Yesterday we went to Myeong-dong to shop to get food and figure out the subway system which, as an American, was really complicated, but luckily we have a lot of friends from Europe and they showed me how to navigate it. One thing to know about Korea is that they have shopping malls inside the Metro so you could walk for hours and not even go near the subway unless you know specifically which floor you’re going to.

Thanks for reading this far! I’ll make sure to keep updating everyone, and I just want to say that I think this semester is going to be hard class-wise, but I know I have a really supportive group of people here to make sure I’m successful.

~ Isis