Jerusalem at dusk- Linfield College
International Relations

International Relations at Linfield: An Interdisciplinary Education

"A ship in harbour is safe," said merchant and philanthropist John Shedd, "but that is not what ships are built for." As an International Relations (IR) major, you recognize the need to develop a dynamic skill-set that will enable you grapple with the complexity of our world and thrive in a changing global workplace. You learn to reach across multiple human perspectives. To communicate effectively with people with languages and world views that might be very different than your own. To develop an interdisciplinary knowledge that combines the study of politics, history, economics, culture, ethics, and literature. To ask questions you might not otherwise ask. To push your comfort zone by studying abroad, engaging in public debate and mock interviews, and conducting rigorous research grounded in methodological training. With a supportive faculty and a flexible curriculum, it is also easy to pair IR with another major.

IR graduates receive prestigious fellowships, attend top law schools or graduate programs in diverse areas such as public policy, public health, and international affairs, and pursue careers ranging from government to business to law to non-profit advocacy to public relations, and beyond. While at Linfield, they sing in the choir or write poetry. They are student-athletes and campus leaders. They conduct collaborative research with faculty and gain experience through internships. They leave Linfield confident in their ability to navigate obstacles, and lead, in the world of tomorrow.

The ideal IR student at Linfield hones their craft, and their craft is themselves.