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Interdepartmental Studies

Interdepartmental Studies

Students at Linfield may pursue degrees in subject areas that span two or more academic disciplines, such as International Business. For descriptions of these programs, please see their pages in the McMinnville section of the catalog.

Linfield also provides students the opportunity to design their own interdisciplinary majors within carefully prescribed guidelines. For further information on Individual Majors, see the Degrees and Requirements section of the catalog.

In its attempt to serve students’ educational needs, Linfield offers some courses that do not fit readily into the established academic disciplines. These are taught as Interdepartmental Studies (IDST) courses, described below.

For more information, please contact the Office of the Registrar.

IDST-007  First-year Colloquium
Becoming a successful college student. Focus on the transition to Linfield's liberal arts environment, the resources of the Linfield community, and the process of setting goals and making intentional decisions. Conducted by faculty and peer advisors. Must be attempted by all fall semester first-year students. No retake permitted. $25 fee. 1 credit. (EL)

IDST-009  Transfer Colloquium
Becoming a successful Linfield College student. Focus on the transition to Linfield, the resources of the Linfield community, and the process of making sound academic and career choices. Must be attempted by all fall semester transfer students and spring semester transfer and first-year students who enter Linfield College (McMinnville Campus) with fewer than 60 transferable credits or without an Associate Transfer Degree or equivalent. Graded Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory with no retake permitted. $25 fee. 1 credit. (EL)

IDST-010  Learning Skills
Focus on enhancing academic success by strengthening learning and study skills, developing more effective ways to communicate, and understanding how to locate and use relevant resources. Demonstration of effective approaches to learning through the application of newly acquired skills. 1 credit. (EL)

IDST-012  Experiential Leadership Sem
Seminar for students involved in any type of leadership position. Focus on learning styles, reflection on leadership experiences. Training for more effective leadership through application of skills and theories presented in course. Offered through the Office of College Activities. 1 credit. (EL)

IDST-031  Intercultural Communication: Departure & Reentry
This is required of all who study at one of Linfield's semester-abroad sites. 1 credit. (EL)

IDST-035  Perspectives On Japan
Introduction to a wide range of perspectives on Japan through the arts and sciences, law, medicine, architecture, and engineering. For Linfield Semester Abroad students attending Kanto Gakuin University. 1 credit. (EL)

IDST-040  Community Service Abroad
IDST 040 - Community Service Abroad Community service activity designed to foster social responsibility among participants in Linfield-administered abroad programs. Focus on integrating the academic experience abroad with the larger world beyond the classroom in the host country. This course is required of students studying in select semester/year abroad programs. Only for semester abroad students. Prerequisites: None. Offered every term. 1 credit(s). (EL)

IDST-050  Career Exploration
A structured process for learning more about majors and careers. Development of personal career plans. Especially designed for students needing help in deciding on majors. Offered by the Office of Career Services. 2 credits. (EL)

IDST-052  Career Planning & Preparation
The transition from campus to career success. Goal-setting, decision-making, and job hunt preparation (resume writing, interview techniques, and job hunt strategies). For senior students. Offered by the Office of Career Services. 2 credits. (EL)

IDST-060  Resident Advisor Training
Skills and techniques required of Resident Advisors (RAs). Student personnel philosophy, student development theory including leadership development, multicultural understanding, communication skills, social responsibility and collaboration. Prerequisite: Good Academic Standing. 1 credit. (EL)

IDST-061  Leadership and Greek Letter Organization
In-depth study of Greek letter organizations and surrounding issues. Historical perspectives, community service, risk management, leadership skills. Offered through the Office of the Greek Advisor. 1 credit. (EL)

IDST-062  Resident Advisor In-service Class
For current residence life staff members only. Focus on pro-active leadership, community development, and use of campus resources in the residence halls. Issues faced by student staff members coordinating their own education with the needs of their residents. Offered through the Office of the Director of Housing. 1 credit. (EL)

IDST-070  Peer Advisor Development & Training
Focus on the knowledge, values, and skills to practice academic advising at Linfield College. Academic advising skills and techniques, the mission of Linfield, value of the liberal arts, academic programs offered, and student development theory will be covered. May be repeated for credit. For students who have secured Peer Advising positions for the next academic year only. Offered Spring. 1 credit.

IDST-072  Peer Advisor In-service Class
Focus on effective class facilitation, academic advising strategies, and use of campus resources in Colloquium and the advising relationship. Issues faced by student leaders managing their own educational needs with the needs of their advisees. May be repeated for credit. For current Peer Advisors only. 1 credit.

IDST-080  Personal Success Skills
Development of practical life skills in areas of: a) stress management and reduction; b) assertive communication and interpersonal effectiveness; and c) self-esteem development and depression/anxiety prevention. 2 credits. (EL)

IDST-090  Global Issues Forum
Readings in contemporary global issues and events and weekly discussion in small seminar groups. Required of all International Studies minors. May be repeated. 1 credit. (EL)

IDST-098  Orientation to International Study
Readings and presentations on selected topics related to program of study and cultural issues, preparation for international travel, and discussion in small seminar group. Offered fall semester in preparation for specific January term off-campus course. May be repeated. Prerequisites: Acceptance in the associated January term course. Offered fall. 1 credit. (EL)

IDST-099  Academic Pathways
Self-assessment and development of strategies for succeeding in college-level academics. Topics include curricular planning, examination of skills, interests, and motivation, time management, and use of academic resources. Content covered through discussion, lecture, and activities. For reinstated and academic probation students only. 1 credit. (EL)

IDST-110  Bridge to College Skills
Introduction to academic life at Linfield College: instructor-student course expectations, classroom interactions, course terminology, e-mail etiquette, and availability of learning resources. Development of facility in reading academic sources, note taking, synthesizing information, and using academic sentence structures to write academic reports, essays, and research papers. Building fluency in academic vocabulary, competence in classroom discourse and oral presentation skills. 4 credits.

IDST-210  Outdoor Environmental Studies: Geophysical
On-site practice of outdoor skills appropriate to the season and the terrain in Oregon's Cascade Mountains. May include climbing techniques, cross country and/or downhill skiing, map and compass use, shelter building, and food selection. Opportunities for study of geology, geophysical processes, and ecological balance. Focus on the development of self-confidence in coping with new problems and environments. Prerequisites: passing a pre-course physical and meeting instructor's performance requirements; MATH 105 or equivalent, or consent of instructor. Offered during Summer and January Terms. 4 credits.

IDST-211  An Overview of Careers in The Helping Professions
Overview of professions in the social and human services including social work, psychology and related fields. Professional roles and settings; educational, supervision and licensure requirements; ethical and legal standards; skill bases and typical career paths. A brief history of social services. Experiential in nature with guest speakers and field trips. 3 credits.

IDST-285  Service Learning Practicum
Interdisciplinary activity providing opportunity to partner closely with community-based project or program with supervised academic reflection, integration, and application. Active participation in civic service experiences that applies hands-on experience, knowledge, and skills to local, national, or international communities and organizations. Includes a minimum of 40 hours of service with a community partner. May be repeated once for credit. 2-4 credits.

IDST-287  Career Exploration Internship
Internships specifically devoted to career exploration. Open to all students. Offered by the Office of Career Services. Prerequisite: approval of the Office of Career Services. 2-5 credits. (EL)

IDST-290  Career Exploration Topics
Structured experiential process for learning more about careers via the perspective of a selected field. Development of goal setting, self-marketing, information gathering, and job and internship search strategies and skills. Site visits, informational interviewing, and guest speakers offering meaningful interaction with employers. Additional fee required. Prerequisite: none. Offered January. May be repeated once for credit with different topic. 4 credits.

IDST-295  Interdisciplinary Science & Math Seminar
Discussions of scientific thinking and approaches originating from different disciplinary perspectives, including interdisciplinary problem-solving that clearly recognizes and reflects the value of broadly-trained teams of scientists. Prerequisite: BIOL 210 or CHEM 210 or PHYS 210 or MATH 170. Offered January term. 1 credit.

IDST-387  Interdisciplinary Regional Internship
Internship opportunities with regional organizations that provide an interdisciplinary focus for students. Interdisciplinary seminar integrates their experiences. May be repeated for credit. Prerequisite: approval of departmental internship supervisor. 2-5 credits. (EL)

IDST-486  Interdisciplinary Seminar (also Listed As Bnss 486)
Selected topics using small group discussion. Student participation. Open to advanced students. May be repeated for credit with a different topic. Prerequisite: consent of instructor. 2-5 credits.

Any Questions? If you are interested in learning more about the curriculum at Linfield, please contact the Office of Admission at (800) 640-2287 or email admission@linfield.edu. An admissions counselor will be happy to answer your questions or put you in touch with a faculty member.

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