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Multicultural student group

The office of Inclusion, Access & Diversity promotes inclusivity by working to promote equitable access for all. Our goal is to recognize, celebrate, and support all identities. We create and support educational programs that advance social justice and inclusion and facilitate dialogues and conversations that look into how diversity is experienced as oppression through a framework of Identity, Power and Intersectionality.

The goal of the Office of Inclusion, Access & Diversity at Linfield University is to help all students succeed, regardless of their identities or experiences.

We will be hosting a series of workshops in Spanish for students and parents the week of August 11th. This workshop will help students understand how to navigate Linfield University. Sessions will cover academic life, student life and financial aid. You will have the opportunity to meet and engage with representative from the faculty and staff of Linfield University.

Spanish Orientation is an annual tradition to welcome new incoming students and their families. However, under the current circumstances the orientation will occur virtually since we cannot have it in person as usual because of Covid-19.

Please register for the sessions. If you have any questions about any of these sessions, please reach out to the coordinator Trini Luna Vargas (mlunavargas@linfield.edu).

The Office of Inclusion, Access & Diversity office provides support and advice for several programs planned and sponsored by various Inclusion, Access & Diversity student clubs.


"Diversity in the world is a basic characteristic of human society, and also the key condition for a lively dynamic world as we see today."  - Jinato Hu