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Interdisciplinary First year Orientation Camp for Undergraduate Sciences

Start your Linfield Science Career with an interdisciplinary hands-on laboratory and field experience!

See the 2019 iFOCUS schedule

What is iFOCUS boot camp?

iFOCUS boot camp is a week long science camp that provides the opportunity for you to get off to a great start at Linfield College while you learn about science across the traditional science disciplines of biology, chemistry, math, and physics at Linfield-all before most of your peers arrive at campus!

The most pressing problems in biomedical, physical, and environmental sciences demand interdisciplinary solutions. The iFOCUS boot camp, learning communities, and science colloquium series at Linfield College provide the opportunity for you to work intimately with faculty and student researchers while you learn to approach problems from a variety of disciplinary perspectives. 

Why should I apply?

During the iFOCUS boot camp, you will have an opportunity to get started on your science education early and hit the ground running when classes begin.  By arriving on campus just six days early, you will have the opportunity to:

  • participate in interdisciplinary research projects and gain hands on experience with laboratory and field techniques
  • engage with student peer mentors
  • be mentored by Linfield science faculty
  • hear about career opportunities in the sciences
  • present at a poster session
  • become part of an interdisciplinary science community at Linfield College and learn about other ways to get involved such as attending the Science Colloquium Lecture Series or participating in one several science Learning Communities. 

Qualifications-Any student who has been accepted to and is planning to attend Linfield College in the fall is eligible to apply. Application to the iFOCUS program will be competitive; a limited number of spaces are available in order to ensure a low student: faculty ratio of 3 to 1. We are looking for students who demonstrate a desire to engage in scientific inquiry and are really excited about the scientific process.

2019 iFOCUS Program Information

All meals, housing, supplies, and transportation costs will be covered during your participation in the iFOCUS program!
Below is a tentative schedule for the 2019 iFOCUS program. (Subject to change)

Wednesday August 14th

  • Peer Mentors arrive for training

Friday August 16th

  • Arrive and unpack
  • Parent Orientation and Student Orientation Events organized by Linfield College Student Affairs
  • 5:30 pm iFOCUS Dinner (for students and their families)
  • Evening activities organized by Peer Mentors

Saturday August 17th - Monday August 19th

  • Research Projects with faculty in Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, and Biology
  • Discussions of research opportunities at Linfield College, challenges in interdisciplinary science, and career options 

Tuesday August 20th- Wednesday August 21st

  • Overnight camping excursion to the Newport, Oregon area
  • Marine Ecology and Paleontology research projects

Thursday August 22nd

  • Poster presentations
  • Join the campus move in day process in the afternoon

Friday August 23rd

  • New Student Orientation for all new students

If you have questions about the iFOCUS program or about your application, please contact iFOCUS Progam Director Jeremy Weisz