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Principal - AXA Travel Assistance Benefit

The Principal - AXA Travel Assistance program offers information, referrals, assistance, transportation and evacuation services to help you respond to medical situations and other emergencies that might arise when you travel more than 100 miles from home.

Travel Assistance Forms

 Pre-trip and cultural information services  Personal assistance services  Medical assistance services
Visa and Passport Requirements Lost/Stolen Documents Medical/Dental Referrals
Travel Advisories and Customs Information Lost Luggage Hospital Admission Guarantee and Discharge Planning
Immunization/Inoculation Requirements and Insect Precautions Emergency Telephone Interpretation Medical Pre-Certification and Referral Management
Cultural Information Urgent Message Relay Lost Prescription and Eyeglass/Contact Assistance
Consular/Embassy Locations and referrals Emergency Cash and Bail Assistance Replacement of Medical Devices
 Currency Exchange Rates  Legal Referrals  Shipment of Medication
 Local Voltage Information  Political Evacuation  Pet Housing and Return


Travel Assistance Forms

Principal - AXA Travel Assistance Principal - AXA Assistance Description of Coverage PDF
  Principal - AXA Assistance Brochure (with card) PDF