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History Studies Abroad

On the Mekong River..
leaving Luang Prabang, Laos

The Linfield history department inaugurated international travel courses in 1975, when Professor Vince Jacobs took a group of students on a tour of Europe. That established a tradition that continues today. Over the years travel courses have proven to be among the most exciting educational opportunities the College offers.

International travel courses are based on the belief that the study of history can be enhanced by visiting the countries where history is made and by linking up the cultural experiences of traveling in those countries with the formal academic histories that professional historians have written.

Linfield students have accompanied professors to countries across the globe, visiting historical sites and monuments, museums, churches, palaces, schools; visiting in homes; and sharing food, family photos, and personal hopes and dreams with friends in many different places.

A history class in Wenzhou, China

History travel courses have gone to Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America, and enjoyed encounters with people of all nationalities and religious and cultural identities. Our adventures abroad have brought to students and professors alike an understanding of how people across the world are very much the same even as they are very much different, and we learn from others as they learn from us.

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