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History at Linfield

History is all around us. Knowing our history enables us to better know ourselves, how we got here, and how we might chart our collective future. In the Department of History at Linfield College, we will help you develop a valuable set of skills that will prepare you for a dynamic, challenging, and swiftly changing work world.

History graduates are distinguished by their analytical abilities, their problem-solving skills, and their research and communication experience. These are the exact skills that employers regularly say they are looking for in prospective employees.

See for yourself:

History faculty will work closely with you to plan your courses and identify opportunities that align with your goals and interests. We have five full-time, award-winning faculty members in the department. We pride ourselves on being helpful and accessible to our students, while also being active professional historians. We will also help you discover possible internship and research opportunities, so that you can hone your skills to be even more competitive on the job market after graduation.

Our graduates have gone on to work as researchers, consultants, lawyers, sales marketing directors, human resources managers, journalists, and business/fiscal analysts for organizations like Historical Research Associates, Inc., the Oregon Community College Association, Warner Pacific University, and the Historic Ford’s Theater (where Abraham Lincoln was assassinated). Other graduates have founded their own businesses, while still others have taught English overseas via programs like the Japan-English Teaching (JET) Program. Some graduates have also become educators themselves. In short, history majors are everywhere, once you start looking.

Our program is rigorous, but also flexible. You’ll be encouraged to take advantage of everything else Linfield has to offer – dynamic study abroad programs, competitive athletic teams, wonderful performing arts opportunities, and a strong liberal arts base.