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Major in Public Health: Health Promotion

A major in Public Health: Health Promotion focuses on empowering and enabling people to control and improve their health and wellness. With a degree in health promotion you will be prepared for a career as a health officer, community program coordinator, wellness or health promotion specialist or coach, community health educator or a K-12 health educator (with additional licensure). This degree also prepares you for entry to graduate programs in public health.
Public Health: Health Promotion majors at Linfield might take:
HHPA 250
Prevention and Control of Diseases
Students study disease process and how to prevent and control disease through health education and promotion.
HSCI 250
Introduction to Public and Community Health
Focus on human biology, environmental health, lifestyle factors, and health care organizations as these four factors relate to one another and to the overall concept of health, health care, and health care delivery.
HSCI 440/ENVS 440
Acute and chronic diseases are discussed from population point of view. Topics include modes of transmission, outbreak investigation, surveillance of acute infections and chronic diseases, as well as microbial and environmental causes.
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