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Health, Human Performance, and Athletics

Internships in Exercise Science, Health Education, and Physical Education

To receive credit for an internship you will need to register for the appropriate section of HHPA 487. In addition, you will need to complete the steps, procedures and paperwork outlined in the Syllabus and Instructions.  If you have questions please contact your internship instructor: general questions can be sent to

Section Number/Major or minor          Instructor          Email               Extension

Human Performance majors:

04 Physical Activity and Fitness Studies  Dr. McNamee ( x2604   

05 Exercise Science:                             Dr. Peterson ( x2255

06 Physical Education:                         Dr. McNamee ( x2604   

07 Health Education:                           Dr. Graff-Haight ( x2641

08 Coaching Minor                               Prof. Doty ( x2416

09 Sports Management                        Dr. McNamee ( x2604   

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