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Health, Human Performance, and Athletics

Health and Human Performance: Health Education

Health is a fundamental human need, the basis upon which all human endeavor is possible. Study in Health Education at Linfield can help you tackle some of society’s most pressing concerns: substance abuse, sexual assault, obesity, violence, homelessness, mental health challenges, or diseases to name a few. As a health educator, you may find yourself working as a certified teacher, in public health departments, in community agencies, as a consultant, or pursuing graduate study in allied health fields.
You might take:
HHPA 100
Drugs in the United States
Understand the impact of drug use in the United States and explore ways to address addiction and prevent substance abuse.
HHPA 242
Human Sexuality
Acquire knowledge and skills to make healthy, informed sexual decisions to promote sexual well-being.
HHPA 422
Planning & Evaluation in Health Education
Learn the principles of evidence-based health education planning and evaluation models.
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