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Health, Human Performance, and Athletics

Health and Human Performance: Physical Activity and Fitness Studies

Physical activity and fitness are deeply connected to quality of life. As a Physical Activity and Fitness Studies major at Linfield you will develop your love for health and working out into a meaningful career where you can collaborate, lead, and connect with patients and clients. Prepare yourself for allied health graduate programs to become a physician, physician’s assistant, physical therapist, or occupational therapist or study to become an exercise scientist, personal trainer, or performance coach.
Physical Activity and Fitness Studies majors at Linfield might take:
HHPA 350
Psychological Aspects of Sport and Physical Activity
Explore “mental toughness’’ and the techniques athletes use to mentally prepare for practice and competition.
HHPA 360
Physiological Basis of Exercise, Training and Conditioning
Understand the basic physiological adaptations of exercise to properly design sound aerobic and resistance training programs.
HHPA 440
Exercise Prescription and Testing
Learn how to perform appropriate fitness testing and design individually-tailored fitness programs.
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