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Health, Human Performance, and Athletics

HHPA Faculty and Staff

Sarah Coste - Associate Professor

Sarah Coste  Associate Professor

Cook Hall 116



BA Linfield College 1990; MS Oregon Health and Science University, Behavioral Neuroscience 1993; PhD Oregon Health and Science University, Behavioral Neuroscience 1997

As a physiologist/neuroendocrinologist, Sarah has a passion for studying the function of  human body systems, particularly the cardiovascular, nervous and hormonal systems. Her current research program focuses on how physical activity and exercise improves our responses to stress. Sarah thoroughly enjoys teaching, and working closely with students in their junior and senior year as they design and carry out their own research projects.


Elizabeth DeVisser - Anatomy Lab Coordinator

Elizabeth DeVisser   Anatomy Lab Coordinator

Cook Hall 105



B.A. Anthropology, Linfield College 2004; M.S. Human Biology, University of Indianapolis 2013

Liz’s areas of expertise include forensic anthropology, and teaching human anatomy, biology and evolution. She teaches death investigation and forensic anthropology to law enforcement in the United States and internationally. Liz is active in the local medico-legal community. She has conducted skeletal analysis on unidentified individuals in Indiana, Michigan, Oregon and Chile where she helped identify members of the “disappeared” who were killed during the 1973 military coup. During the 2018-2019 school year, Liz will be teaching human anatomy and human biology.  


Lawrence Doty - Associate Professor

Lawrence Doty  Associate Professor

HHPA Complex 209



1974 graduate of West Linn High School, West Linn, Oregon. 1979 graduate of Linfield College, Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Education and Health, Masters Degree in Education.


Duane A Duey - Head Athletic Trainer; Clinical Instructor

Duane A Duey  Head Athletic Trainer;
Clinical Instructor

HHPA Complex 205D



MS - Midwestern State University, 1995; BA - Western Oregon University 1993

Duane’s areas of expertise include lower leg foot and ankle biomechanics, manual therapy, and Kinesio Taping.  Duane is a former vice president of the Oregon Athletic Trainers Society and is active in local and national athletic training interests.  He continues to stay up to date in current treatment methods on concussions, sickle cell, and the care for the spine injured athlete.


Emily Eaton - Instructional Associate

Emily Eaton  Instructional Associate

HHPA Complex 106B



B.A. Carleton College; D.V.M. University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

As a veterinarian who has had the opportunity to care for a wide variety of species over the years, Emily is interested in comparative medicine, disease processes, therapeutic methods, zoonotic disease and public health. Her years in practice have enhanced her understanding of the need for a One Health approach - one that recognizes that human, animal and environmental health are interconnected. She enjoy sharing her love of anatomy, physiology and their medical applications with Linfield students.


Greg A. Hill - Assistant Professor/Athletic Trainer; Clinical Education Coordinator

Greg A. Hill  Assistant Professor/Athletic Trainer; Clinical Education Coordinator

Cook Hall 112



MS in Exercise Science, Oregon State University; BA in Athletic Training, Linfield College

Greg has served multiple roles for the HHPA department since January of 2000.  He is active in his profession serving various committees and positions for the Oregon Athletic Trainers’ Society, the Northwest Athletic Trainers’ Association, the National Athletic Trainers’ Association, and the Oregon State Board of Athletic Training.  Greg’s primary areas of interest are manual therapy, aquatic training and rehabilitation, and injury prevention programs.


Laura Kenow - Athletic Training Program Director; Professor

Laura Kenow  Athletic Training Program Director; Professor

HHPA Complex 206A



PhD in Kinesiology, University of Minnesota; MS in Exercise Science, University of Arizona; BA in Athletic Training, Gustavus Adolphus College.

Laura’s work focuses on the social and psychological factors that influence performance.  She is actively involved in teaching and applying mental training to enhance performance in multiple domains, including sport, exercise, and injury rehabilitation. She currently directs the athletic training program. Laura’s research efforts have focused on identifying social and psychological factors that affect the rate of sport injury and integrating psychosocial skills into the rehabilitation process to enhance recovery.


Jeff McNamee - Professor and Chair

Jeff McNamee  Professor and Chair

HHPA Complex 219



Oregon State University Ph.D. Human Performance, 2004 University of Wisconsin La Crosse B.S. Exercise and Sport Science, 1996 M.S. Exercise and Sport Science, 1997

Jeff's areas of expertise include the use of effective leadership strategies in physical activity environments, physical activity assessment, and the promotion of physical activity engagement in communities and schools. Jeff is the HHPA Department Chair and is a steering committee member of the Physical Education for All Kids (PEAK) Coalition. His research efforts have focused on innovative strategies to increase youth physical activity engagement in communities and schools. 


Bruce Patnoudes - Instructional Associate

Bruce Patnoudes  Instructional Associate

Cook Hall 105



M.A., Physical Education-Exercise Science, Western Michigan University; B.S., Health Education, Eastern Illinois University

Bruce was a YMCA director before coming to Linfield and has extensive programming experience with both youth and adult sports leagues and tournaments.  He also has considerable experience in strength training and fitness evaluations.  He has also taught Anatomy and Physiology for over 25 years.


Janet Peterson - Professor

Janet Peterson  Professor

Cook Hall 114



Doctorate, Loma Linda University - Preventive Care; Masters - CSUN- Kinesiology (exercise physiology); Bachelors- USC -Premed- Biology.

Janet’s focus is in lifestyle and wellness in health and disease.  As well as being a fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine, Janet is a registered dietitian nutritionist, a registered clinical exercise physiologist and a wilderness emergency medicine technician.  Janet studies the impact of nutrition and exercise in health and disease.  She is also passionate about wilderness medicine having published on the health of porters in Nepal.  Janet encourages students to actively engage in the regional professional organizations such as the American College of Sports Medicine,  American Dietetics Associations, and the American Public Health Association. Janet loves to play  and learn in the outdoors which includes teaching an introduction to backpacking class. 


Cisco Reyes - Associate Professor

Cisco Reyes  Associate Professor

HHPA Complex 218



Ph.D., University of Idaho; M.S., University of Idaho; B.S., Pacific University 

Cisco's area of expertise encompasses aspect of sports performance enhancement (strength and conditioning). More specifically, Cisco has examined neuromuscular adaptations to strength and power training and athlete profiling. Outside of Linfield, Cisco's position as National Strength and Conditioning Association's Oregon State/Provincial Director allows him to connect and educate professionals on innovative evidence-based strength and conditioning practice.