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Applying to the Educational Program

Group Training

What are the general admission requirements?

  1. A student must be admitted to Linfield College and declare a major in Athletic Training.
  2. Enroll in and/or satisfactorily complete three prerequisite courses with a grade of B or better
    1. HHPA 184 Prevention and Care of Athletic Injury
    2. HHPA 284 First-Aid & CPR
    3. HHPA 285 First Aid & CPR II
  3. Complete 25 hours of clinical observation
  4. Meet the following minimum grade requirements
    1. Cumulative GPA > 2.3
    2. Athletic Training Major GPA > 2.7
    3. Grade of C- or better in athletic training major courses (other than HHPA 184/284)

What is clinical observation?

All students must complete a minimum of twenty-five (25) hours of clinical observation while enrolled as a student at Linfield College in order to qualify for admission to the athletic training program. Clinical observation is encouraged during a student’s first year on campus. Students will observe in the Linfield College Treatment Center and at sport team practice sessions.

How do I apply for admission to the athletic training program?

  1. Interested students obtain an application packet from the program director.
  2. Students complete their clinical observation and prerequisite coursework during their first year on campus.
  3. Students seeking admission to the AT Program submit the required application materials to the program director by April 15th of their first year on campus in order to be considered as candidates in the formal admission process.

For more information about the  admissions process, please contact
Laura Kenow, PhD, ATC
Athletic Training Program Director
Linfield College McMinnville, OR 97128
(503) 883-2580