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Health, Human Performance, and Athletics

Health, Human Performance, & Athletics

Field Treatment

Health—physical and mental well-being—is a fundamental concern of human life. As a Health, Human Performance and Athletics major at Linfield you will build on your natural interest in health and the body’s physical processes through coursework with faculty experts where you will connect your learning to real-world applications. Students emerge from the program ready for careers in physical education, sports management, coaching, movement therapy and graduate programs in the field.
Health, Human Performance and Athletics majors at Linfield might take:
HHPA 088
Field-based course with a focus on packing, safe travel, navigation, environmental ethics, and nutrition in the backcountry. Includes selecting and using proper equipment for average weekend backpacking trips in Pacific Northwest.
HHPA 184
Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries
Focuses on the knowledge required for proper recognition, management, and prevention of athletic injuries.
HHPA 280
Focuses on nutrients in foods and their relation to the physical well-being and behavior of people.
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