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Health, Human Performance, and Athletics

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Health, Human Performance, & Athletics

The Department of Health, Human Performance and Athletics offers undergraduate majors in Athletic Training, Health Education, and Human Performance. Concentration options under Human Performance include Exercise Science, Physical Activity and Fitness Studies, and Physical Education.

The mission of the Athletic Training Program (AT Program) is to provide a comprehensive, progressive educational and clinical foundation to prepare students for a career in athletic training. The clinical settings serve as learning laboratories for students admitted into the AT Program. This program will prepare students to take the Board of Certification (BOC) examination. Upon passing, students will be qualified for entry-level careers in athletic training.

The curriculum and instruction of the Exercise Science Program utilizes a theory to practice model that integrates critical thinking with theory based courses balanced with experiential learning opportunities. The program prepares students for further education and/ or employment in exercise and sport science, fitness and health related fields. The program also prepares students to take nationally recognized certifications.

Programs in Health Education and Physical Education, when combined with successful training through the Education Department lead to basic teacher certification. The programs prepare students for entry level positions delivering health education or physical education in accordance with their respective national professional standards. Students who complete either program are prepared to take nationally recognized certifications in their discipline.

The HHPA Department also offers a Physical Education minor, a Coaching minor and service courses in physical activity. The physical education minor provides students with a rudimentary understanding of the discipline. Some secondary education students who complete a major in a different discipline choose to complete the physical education minor to enable them to obtain a second teaching endorsement. The Coaching minor provides preparation for youth sport and/or interscholastic coaching. Students completing the minor are eligible to obtain coaching certification through a national testing process. Activity courses are part of Linfield’s paracurricular requirement and expose students to a variety of activities designed to provide experiences that encourage engagement in and commitment to lifetime fitness.