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Tania Carrasquillo Hernandez - Assistant Professor

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Tania Carrasquillo Hernández is an Assistant Professor of Spanish in the Department of Global Languages and Cultural Studies. She received her doctoral degree from the University of Iowa (2013) and served as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish at the University of Northern Iowa (2013–2014). In the fall of 2014 she joined the faculty at Linfield College, where she has taught Spanish courses at all levels and has designed content courses on literary and cultural representations of the Hispanic Caribbean, Latin America, and the Latina/o communities in the United States, including a Jan Term course in Puerto Rico. Dr. Carrasquillo Hernández is also the founder and organizer of the Bilingual Conversation Series: ¡Estamos Presentes! and served as the co-organizer of Antonio Martorell’s artistic residency at Linfield College (Rain/Lluvia, 2017).

Her research examines how writers have rethought notions of citizenship, identity, and culture to create more fluid spaces of representation in the Hispanic Caribbean, Latin America, and the United States. Her current work is centered on issues of equity, social justice, and diversity. Therefore, she pays close attention to the conflict between the center of power and the periphery, as well as how this tension is represented through literature, music, cultural performances, visual arts, films, gender representations, and discourses of transgression.





Cristina Gran Gea - Language Teaching Assistant, Spanish

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Cristina Gran Gea is from Spain. Her various degrees are related to the study of languages including English culture and literature and masters in translation between English and Spanish and a second one for teaching Spanish as a foreign language. Her ultimate goal of becoming a teacher has led her to jobs teaching all age groups.

During her third year in college she studied in Bath, England where she discovered her love of travel, discovering new places and knowing different cultures as a way to open your mind. Her hobbies involve swimming and dancing, especially Flamenco.

Sandra Elena Terra - Assistant Professor

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Sandra Terra joined the Spanish faculty in 2016 with more than a decade of teaching at universities and institutes in the US and abroad. Dr. Terra received her Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Second Language Acquisition, with a concentration in Spanish and pedagogy.

Her teaching interests include introductory through advanced language courses (Spanish and Portuguese), courses on bilingualism, second language acquisition, identity and language learning, medical Spanish, and medical interpreting.

Professor Terra specializes her research in multlingualism and language maintenance in diverse language contexts. She is interested in the interplay of policy, language perspectives and language practices as well as how individuals negotiate and construct identity and pedagogy. More recently, her research focuses on Spanish and English bilinguals, including heritage language speakers and their continued development and maintenance of their home language after arrival in the United States. As a certified medical interpreter, Dr. Terra also developed Linfield's Online Spanish Medical Interpreter program.

A native of Chile and Brazil, and a first-generation Latina immigrant to Oregon, Dr. Terra promotes multilingualism and multiculturalism. Her research and personal language learning have taken her to France, Ecuador, and Mozambique for prolonged stays.

Sonia  Ticas - Associate Professor of Spanish; Coordinator of Latin American Studies (Co-chair)

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Dr. Sonia Ticas received her Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley in 2001 in Romance Languages and Literatures. She has been at Linfield since 2001 teaching courses in Spanish language at all levels, Latin American literature and culture classes including Latin American cultures through film, Latin American women writers and historical figures. She has directed and taught in the Oaxaca, México program and has taken students abroad for January term travel courses in Spain and Morocco to study Andalusian culture.

A native of El Salvador, her published work focuses on the history of women’s suffrage in the region and the study of women’s literature from the first half of the 20th century. She has published a number of articles studying the interplay of literature and women’s changing societal roles and is working on a book on the Salvadoran women’s suffrage movement. She also collaborates on a translation project of Costa Rican poet, Eunice Odio. Tavern Books of Portland Oregon has published the first translated volume in a series of four of Tránsito de Fuego (The Fire’s Journey, 2013). 

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