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Global Languages and Cultural Studies

Language in Motion (LiM) at Linfield

Connect local communities to the world!

Language in Motion is an innovative and cooperative outreach program in which study-abroad returnees, international students, and advanced language students create language and cultural activities for presentation at local schools.

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Language in Motion: Linfield is part of Language in Motion in the Northwest consortium, led by Willamette University. Participating schools include Lewis & Clark College and Pacific University. With the generous support from the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations, Language in Motion: Linfield was established in 2013.

The LiM Mission

Language in Motion expands, enriches, and energizes K-16 language and culture teaching and learning through educational outreach and professional development opportunities.

The LiM Vision

By bringing together campus and school partners and by sharing resources across K-16, Language in Motion excites students to learn more about the world and its peoples, improves and enriches language and culture teaching and learning, hones intercultural skills, demonstrates the value of higher education and of studying language and culture, and supports networks of educators.

If interested in Language in Motion: Linfield, Please contact:

Masayuki Itomitsu