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Global Languages and Cultural Studies


"... I did an internship at Yamhill Community Action Partnership helping organize the Cesar Chavez event that took place on campus in March 2010. It was wonderful to get out of the Linfield bubble and connect with the McMinnville community! I spent much of my time visiting Latino stores and restaurants and getting to know members of the Hispanic community in Yamhill County." - Jennifer Sacklin, '10, Spanish major

Attending classes is only part of the language-learning experience. Often, students will commit to internships that give them the opportunity to communicate in their target language or interact with people from those cultures. Internships are also a great way to explore other interests and develop transferable skills. Here are some examples of places where students have interned:


  • Wine Industry Exploration intern, Vista Hills Vineyard
  • French liaison, International Pinot Noir Celebration
  • Newberg High School
  • McMinnville Downtown Association
  • Cours Sainte Marie de Hann, a local Christian middle school in Dakar

"Through the Linfield study abroad program in Senegal, I completed an internship at a local Christian middle school called Cours Sainte Marie de Hann in Dakar, where I was placed in charge of 44 Senegalese students. I translated a French textbook and taught the students mathematics in English."
- Arielle Ramberg, '12, Math and Anthropology double major and Francophone African Studies minor


  • Translator, Journal of Medicine and Movies
  • Hewlett-Packard Co.
  • REACH Project, a non-profit case management program
  • ESL Educational Assistant, Newberg School District
  • McMinnville High School
  • Yamhill Community Action Partnership (YCAP)
  • Habitat for Humanity, English-Spanish interpreter

"During the spring of freshman year, I had an internship with Habitat for Humanity as an English-Spanish translator/interpreter. I translated applications, publicity and other related documents into Spanish, served as interpreter between Selection Committee members and applicant families, and participated actively in the selection process, including visits to applicant families' homes to assess current living situations."
- Lily Nyland, Intercultural Communications major and Japanese and Spanish double minor

  • Powerhouse Mentoring Program

"I was the first intern they ever had and it turned out to be a great experience. I took on the task of creating two promotional dvds when I had no experience whatsoever creating and editing videos. I interviewed mentors and mentees and learned how to apply the skills I learned in classes to a real life situation. My internship made me realize that I have really valuable skills to share with others."
- Nadia Abraibesh, Psychology major and Spanish minor

  • Lutheran Community Services

"My two main focuses in LCS were learning from their social workers and attending Parenting Classes once a week to learn about the role of the social worker who leads the class. Another focus was helping with their new Immigration Program. I helped the director of the program with outreach and information distribution, and I also translated fliers and documents. The internship taught me a lot about the structure and intense commitment that goes into a non-profit community agency."
- Rosa Gimson, '12, Anthropology major and Spanish and Art double minor


All of the students who study abroad at our site in Beijing are eligible to participate in an internship abroad. Sometimes these internships are at companies; sometimes they are at NPOs.


  • The Academic Council on the United Nations System (ACUNS) in Vienna
  • American Enterprise Institute


  • KPMG Portland Advisory Practice
  • Taproot Foundation, Chicago
  • Digital and Social Media Intern, Prichard Communications
  • International Programs Office, Linfield College
  • Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum

Over January Term and Spring semester of 2009, five Japanese majors and Dr. Christopher Keaveney translated descriptions of planes and helicopters from English into Japanese for the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum. These translations were compiled into a book for guests to borrow as they tour the museum. Click here to watch a video about their project.