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Global Languages and Cultural Studies

Interdisciplinary Courses

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GLCS-040  Community Service
Community service activity working with elementary and/or secondary teachers responsible for instruction of students learning English as their second language. Possible activities: assisting teachers in the development of appropriate ELL (English Language Learner) lessons and activities; directly instructing students; translating; and tutoring and assisting students who are not native English speakers. 1 credit. (EL)

GLCS-098  Senior Tutor
1 credit (EL)

GLCS-210  Intro to Global Cultural Studies
Introductory survey course for the Global Cultural Studies (GCS) major. Interdisciplinary humanities approach to themes central to the major's regional and global thematic concentrations. Introduction to humanistic questions, concepts, frameworks, and analytical skills necessary for the study of languages, literatures, cinema, and other media or cultural texts from global perspectives. Exploration of culture in a global context as well as past and present processes of globalization. Course fee $20. Offered spring. 4 credits (GP).

GLCS-250  Topics in World Cinema
Introduction to world cinema through the lens of a specific topical theme. Topics will vary but include family and gender dynamics, politics and memory, or encountering the other. Introduction to the tools of film analysis and the cinematic traditions of several regions. Course is team-taught. No background in film studies required. Offered in January. 4 credits. (CS or GP)

GLCS-340  Introduction to Linguistics (also Listed As ANTH 340)
Language in its broadest sense. Discussion of phonetics, sound laws, and the linguistic relationship between English and other modern languages. Dialect geography, semantic change, bilingualism, and other topics. Study of the cultural roots of the Western Indo-European language family. $20 fee. 4 credits. (VP)

GLCS-365  Ethnic Diversity in Eastern and Central Europe (also Listed As HIST 365)
History and politics of Southeast, East Central, and Central Europe from the 1500s to the present. Consideration of ethnic, religious, cultural, and linguistic diversity from Ottoman expansion westward to Habsburg heritage of modern Austria. Taught in German. Offered fall in Vienna only. 4 credits. (IS or VP or GP)

GLCS-370  Global Languages and Cultural Studies Research Methods
Practical preparation for designing and carrying out significant thesis-length research project; introduction to key methodologies and theoretical approaches used in both humanities and social science disciplines. Offered spring. 2 credits.

GLCS-380  Abroad Portfolio
Preparatory work for GLCS 483, GLFR 485, GLJP 485, and GLSP 485. Construction of a portfolio during the year abroad including self assessment of progress in all skills and increased cultural understanding, representative coursework, oral interviews. See Majors Manual for specific requirements related to each language. All required items must be turned in on time as a prerequisite for admittance to MDLA 483. 2 credits.

GLCS-439  Peer Instruction
Advanced study opportunity for outstanding students to assist faculty members in the classroom. Focus on course content and pedagogy. May not be repeated for credit. Prerequisites: application and consent of instructor. 3 credits. (Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory) (EL)

GLCS-483  Advanced Cross-cultural Seminar
Integration of students' personal experiences living and studying abroad with the course work completed on campus and abroad for the language major. Emphasis on the role of language, both verbal and non-verbal, in cross-cultural interactions. Prerequisites: 380, senior standing and acceptance as a language major. 2-4 credits. (MWI)

GLCS-487  Internship
Practical experience in a work setting drawing upon the specialized skills developed by language majors. Additional expertise as required for a given internship setting (marketing, communications, leadership potential, etc.). Preference given to language majors and minors. 40 hours on-site for each enrolled credit. Prerequisites: advanced language proficiency, complete preapplication and departmental approval. 1-3 credits. (Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory) (EL)

GLCS-490  Senior Thesis
By invitation from language faculty on the basis of an interview and examination. Long (8,000 words minimum) research paper pertaining to a literary, linguistic, or cultural aspect of the target culture. Written in the target language in close contact with the thesis director. Culminates in an oral defense before the language faculty. 5 credits.