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Anna Carboni - Language Teaching Assistant, German

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Walker 322


Anna is from Vienna, Austria. Anna grew up bilingual, as her father is Austrian and her mother is Italian. She studied English and Italian Philology in the teacher training program at the University of Vienna. Anna’s academic interests lie especially in the field of applied linguistics, with a great passion for foreign languages and cultures. In high school Anna studied French and during her exchange semester in Helsinki, Finland, She discovered her interest in the Finish language. Anna enjoys good (Italian) food and doing sports. Anna also has a black belt in karate.

Emina Mušanović - Assistant Professor

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Walker 319


In her courses, Emina Musanovic explores the literary and filmic imagination of borders, place, environment, and technology—always with a critical eye to intersections of race, gender, sexuality, migration background, and socio-economics. As a former war refugee, she privileges transnational approaches, focusing, for example, on diaspora literatures and, in particular, on narratives of forced displacement. By thus reading German literature and film through a global context, she also questions what constitutes national literatures in the 20th and 21st centuries.

With her research, she seeks to make substantial contributions to the question of what it means to engage with literary and filmic texts in times of transnational environmental crises and large-scale displacements of people due to economic crises and violent conflicts. To this end, she takes up texts as complex, poetic encounters with diverse ecologies. Specifically, she asks how literary and filmic texts shift boundaries and foreground the embeddedness of societies within broader ecologies of the world. How do they forge alliances between the affected oppressed humans and nonhumans to promote advocacy on behalf of both across differences?

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