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German Activities and Resources

German Immersion Photo
Linhütte: German Immersion Weekend at Government Camp on Mt. Hood

For more than 25 years, German language students and professors have spent a weekend, first at a rustic cabin in the Sister's Wilderness, now at Government Camp on Mt. Hood. Join us as we continue that tradition every spring. We hike, sing, cook German food, play games, chat around the campfire, and more. And we speak nothing but German. 

German Tutors

Advanced German students and our Fulbright teaching assistant from Austria are available as German tutors. They help students with specific language tasks, but are also eager to just be communication partners. 

German GLGR 030

GLRG 030 is a one-credit pass/no pass course, taught by our Fulbright Teaching Assistant, under the supervision of one of the German professors. GLGR030 can be audited. This course gives German students additional opportunity to engage in language practice outside of their regular classroom and with students who have just returned from studying abroad.

Language Table

Once a week, students, professors, and guests that speak German meet for lunch in Dillin, our cafeteria. This relaxed and fun gathering is a weekly highlight for those of us who have the German language in common.

Field Trips

Hiking Trip

The ultimate field trips we offer are, of course, the January term abroad, the semester abroad, and the year abroad. But short of that, the area around McMinnville offers a number of events and sites that are of interest to German students. Some of our field trips have included:

  • visits to the Benedicitine Monastery at Mt. Angel, founded by Swiss monks in the 19th century
  • attendance of the annual Oktoberfest at the town of Mt. Angel
  • trips to Portland to Edelweiß, a German butcher-bakery-grocery store
  • German dinner at Prof. Hommel's house
  • making Christmas tree decorations
  • visits to the Portland Art Museum to view German Impressionist and Expressionist art
  • day-hikes with Prof. Richardson in the beautiful Oregon coast range
  • attendance at rehearsals of German language operas
  • attendance at Linfield's music students' final rehearsals, where they sing in German, among other languages
  • singing at Linfield's Christmas candlelight service, where students perform holiday songs in various languages
  • tour Widmer Brewery, conducted in German, followed by a pub meal.

German Club (No German language required!)

The German Club is open to any Linfield student and does not require any knowledge of the German language. It offers a wide variety of activities to enjoy German culture in a variety of ways such as:

  1. trips to German restaurants and German stores in Portland
  2. German cultural events such as Christmas Bazaars and Oktoberfeste
  3. German cooking
  4. German movie nights
  5. German music events, and more.

The activites vary each semester. Students do not have to speak German to join the club. Therefore it is a way to also get to know International students at Linfield, for we have had members from Korea, Norway, France, Holland, China, and Vietnam, in addition to American students.

Deutsche Sommerschule am Pazifik (DSAP)

The Deutsche Sommerschule am Pazifik, a five-week German immersion program in Portland,Oregon, has been in existence for over 30 years. We encourage our German students to study there, for five weeks, with students from all over the USA.