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French and Francophone African Studies

Study in a French-speaking Country

For the French and Francophone studies majors, the requirement is as follows: One year is obligatory for students starting the major in GLFR 101 or 105; with faculty approval, a minimum of one semester may suffice for those starting in GLFR 201 or 301. Minors are required to study abroad for one semester.


Map of France



The 16th largest town in France (156,000 inhabitants), Angers is above all a youthful town with more than 30,000 students.  The capital of Anjou and gateway to the Loire valley, Angers is distinguished as much for the richness of its heritage as for its cultural and economic dynamism.  Thus, if the towers of the imposing castle fortress watch peacefully over the heights of the town, in the streets, museums, gardens, shops, gastronomic restaurants, art festivals and student life give colour to the famous Angevin softness.  Angers is located equidistant from Paris (2 1/2 hours by motorway and 1 1/2 hours by high-speed train) and from the Atlantic Ocean. With more than 300 km of navigable waterways and 250km of footpaths for casual walking, it provides a range of activities for its inhabitants and its guests.

CIDEF (Angers/immersion) is a French immersion program open to international students (about half are American students).  All levels of French can be accommodated.  The minimum requirement is one year of college French and different courses are offered depending on proficiency.

(Courses: French, LCs, major requirements; host families, excursions, etc.).

Aix en Provence


Aix en Provence (137,000 inhabitants) is located in the South of France, in the well-known Provence Méditerranée, in the Bouches du Rhône (13), at the crossroads of East-west (Spain, Italy) and North-South main trades routes. Sunny all year, warm winters, hot summers, Aix en Provence benefits from a privileged climate: really mild springs and extended Indian summers, ideal climate to take advantage of the cafe's terraces all year round. Aix en Provence is a town of light, water and fountains; a town of art and culture with a rich patrimony. It is a young and flourishing town in which it is a pleasure to live.  A large part of the charm of Aix en Provence comes from the beauty of its architecture. The elegance of numerous private hotels and monuments bears witness to its prestigious past. Aix en Provence offers visitors numerous cultural and prestigious locations: museum foundations, cultural spaces and archaeological sites.

IAU (Aix-en-Provence/total or partial immersion) is open to all levels of proficiency.  American students can take courses in French and in English in a variety of LCs and majors.  Housing options include family stay as well as sharing apartments with other IAU students.

(Courses: French, LCs and many major requirements in French and in English; internships, volunteer work, excursions, etc.).


Images of Burgundy France

Université de Bourgogne (Dijon/total or partial immersion) is a French program hosted by the University of Bourgogne. All levels of French are available as well as some courses in English. One year of French is required. Dijon is located "in the very heart of Europe, a region rich in history and boasting centuries- old heritage. With its flourishing architectural past, art and gastronomy, the whole spectrum of French culture is represented here, a fitting background for our world-famous Burgundy wines."

(Courses: French, LCs, Major requirements; host families, excursions, etc.)

(*The proficiency level defines how well someone can communicate in a language.)