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French and Francophone African Studies

Global Language - French Courses

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GLFR-101  Elementary French I

Development of vocabulary, structures, and speaking/reading/writing strategies essential to answering questions; identifying, comparing, and describing people and things; expressing wants and needs; and discussing plans. Preparation for living in a French-speaking culture. $20 fee. Four class hours per week. ACTFL target: Novice High. Offered fall. 4 credits.

GLFR-201  Intermediate French I

Review of skills and structures described in 101 and 102. Emphasis on building a large practical vocabulary and on using it to describe and narrate. Reading and aural exercises that include authentic materials; writing exercises that include narration, exposition and dialogue. Preparation for living for an extended period in a French-speaking culture. Four class hours per week. $20 fee. Prerequisite: a grade of C or better in 102 or 105, or a placement test. Offered fall. 4 credits.

GLFA-230  Introduction to African Studies

Interdisciplinary introduction to African studies. Survey of main figures of African Studies with a particular attention to historical periods and geographic particularities, discussion of the relations between Africa and the African diaspora with an emphasis on the necessity to understand "Africans" in their proper human historical and international contexts. $20 fee. 4 credits. (CS or GP)

GLFR-301  French Composition and Conversation I

Guided practice in expository and narrative writing as well as in aural comprehension of Francophone films and documentaries. Discussion of a variety of cultural topics based on selections from various Francophone countries. Speaking and writing practice involving describing, comparing, hypothesizing, supporting opinions, and functioning in unfamiliar situations. Review of grammar as a tool to improve writing. May be repeated once for credit with a different instructor and content. $20 fee. ACTFL target: Intermediate High. Prerequisite: a grade of C or better in 202 or placement test. Offered fall. 4 credits. (GP, MWI)

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