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Chinese Courses

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GLCH-030  Chinese Conversation Practice
1 credit (EL)

GLCH-101  Elementary Chinese I
Chinese phonetics and Pinyin Romanization system. Development of vocabulary, structures and strategy essential to basic comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing. Situation-based practice in asking and answering questions; identifying and describing people and things; expressing wants and needs. $20 fee. Four class hours per week. Offered fall. 4 credits.

GLCH-102  Elementary Chinese II
Continuation of 101. Practice in reading, writing, and talking about activities, making plans and inquiries, expressing wants and needs, and discussing experiences. Acquisition of vocabulary, sentence structures and patterns at an elementary level. Four class hours per week. $20 fee. Prerequisite: 101 or placement test. Offered spring. 4 credits.

GLCH-201  Intermediate Chinese I
Review of skills and structures learned in 101 and 102. Emphasis on building a larger practical vocabulary and using it to describe and narrate.Acquiring new knowledge of grammar, sentence patterns and structures at an intermediate level. $20 fee. Four class hours per week. Prerequisite: 102 or placement test. Offered fall. 4 credits.

GLCH-202  Intermediate Chinese II
Continuation of GLCH 201. Training in the areas of reading, speaking, writing, and comprehension at an intermediate level. Study in narration of present, past, and future events. Writing exercises including compositions on various topics. Preparation for living for an extended period in China. Four class hours per week. $20 fee. Prerequisite: 201 or placement test. Offered spring. 4 credits.

GLCH-211  Introduction to East Asian Culture
Introduction to East Asian thought and culture. Critical appreciation of distinctive cultural achievements of China, Korea, Japan and Vietnam. Exposure to the visual arts, music, theater and literatures of the region. Focus on tradition vs. modernity, the role of the individual in society, and the role of gender in traditional culture. No background in an Asian language is required. $15 fee. Offered fall. 3 credits. (CS or GP)

GLCH-212  Survey of East Asian Literature
Survey of major works of East Asian literature. Readings in a variety of genres and periods on themes of the family in East Asia and the representation of nature in East Asian literature. Introduction to works from China, Korea, Japan and Vietnam in a variety of genres including fiction, poetry and drama. All works read in English translation. $15 fee. Offered spring. 3 credits. (CS or GP)

GLCH-250  Introduction to East Asian Film
Introduction to the rich history of East Asian film. Examines the development of cinema in China, South Korea, Taiwan and Japan from early twentieth century to present. Acquisition of tools of visual literacy in conjunction with inquiry into the cinematic representation of major themes. Screenings of films, student presentations, lectures, and discussions. $20 fee. 4 credits. (CS or GP)

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