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Global Languages and Cultural Studies at Linfield

Semester Abroad in Austria
Semester Abroad in Austria

In the Global Languages and Cultural Studies department we are dedicated to our students' intellectual growth and maturity. Our teaching at all levels is informed by the need to prepare students to communicate creatively in other countries. Thus we are ever mindful of the principles of proficiency-oriented instruction used to foster active language use instead of just mechanical manipulation of structures.

The focus of our teaching is cultural fluency, the ability to engage and understand other cultures on their own terms.

Our department offices are arranged in a large circle around a common lounge area, reflecting the collegial and friendly character of our faculty. We delight in the architecture of our thematic language classrooms, inspiring environments for learning the languages we teach: French and Francophone African Studies, German, German Studies, Japanese, and Spanish (all with majors and minors) as well as Chinese and Latin. We also have a page for Language in Motion at Linfield.

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