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Creating a Screensaver

There may be some variations to these instructions depending on your operating system.


  1. Save zipped image file to “My Pictures"
  2. Go to “My Computer” and navigate to “My Pictures”
  3. Right click on “1024”  folder (may say 600 0r 768) and select “Extract All”
  4. Extract folder into “My Documents” not “My Pictures”. If you extract them into "My Pictures", that whole folder becomes your screensaver
  5. Once you've got the images extracted and in a folder of their own inside "My Documents", open your control panel and select “Display”
  6. Select the “Screensaver” tab
  7. Select “My Pictures Slideshow” in the screensaver menu
  8. Select “Options”
  9. Select the “1024” folder in "My Documents" from the “Use pictures from this folder” menu
  10. Select “OK”. You're done!


  1. Save the zipped file to your desktop or someplace you can find
  2. Navigate to the downloaded file on your computer. Double click on the zipped file icon on to unzip the file
  3. Open iPhoto
  4. Select “Import to Library” from File menu
  5. Navigate to the 1024 (or 600 or 768 depending on the size you downloaded) folder you just unzipped
  6. Click “Import”
  7. Click “New Album” in File menu
  8. Name the album "Linfield"
  9. Copy the newly imported images into the album (they’ll be under the “Last Import” option in the left menu or just go down to the bottom of your iPhoto library
  10. Open up “Desktop & Screen Saver" in "System Preferences" (You're almost there!)
  11. Select the "Screen Saver" tab
  12. Select “Linfield” folder from left window. You're done!