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Few charitable causes are more compelling that the idea of helping to shape the minds and hearts of the next generation. Donors who establish and contribute to scholarship funds believe financial access to Linfield can transform lives and society. With your scholarship gift, you choose to keep Linfield strong by providing opportunities that attract talented students.

New scholarship gifts and endowments help ensure that any qualified student will be able to attend Linfield regardless of the family’s financial means. Last year, 96 percent of our students received financial aid. Scholarships decrease the average debt load of our students, allowing flexibility as they make educational and career decisions. Further, with mounting requests for financial aid, scholarship funds relieve pressure on Linfield’s operating budget. Growth of the scholarship endowment is crucial to our students’ – and Linfield’s – immediate success and long-term strength.

The Pattersons
“We fondly remember our years at Linfield and are grateful for the solid education and experiences that Linfield provided us. Recognizing the financial demands of a college education, we are delighted to create the Mark and Michele Patterson Endowed Scholarship Fund, to provide the students of today and tomorrow the opportunity to enjoy and benefit from Linfield as much as we did.”

-- Michele (Dombek) ’90 and Mark Patterson ’88 have enjoyed careers in teaching and investment management. They recently endowed a scholarship fund that supports four Linfield students annually.

To learn more about creating or supporting a Linfield scholarship fund, please contact:

Craig Haisch ‘95, Director of Development or call 503-883-2217.