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Giving to Linfield

Make History

I want to be a part of Linfield's history.Students in a tree

Members of our Founder’s Society have chosen to include Linfield among their most personal, financial and estate planning goals. Donors tell us their planned gifts are not established solely for their financial and tax benefits. For them, such gifts honor meaningful stories, adding them to the collective history of Linfield’s community. Whether the story is in memory of a loved one, celebrates a family name or a favorite mentor, or is a remembrance of a special time, planned gifts create legacies at Linfield University. Linfield has a rich history. Planned gifts help ensure that the college's greatest qualities touch future generations of students.

Here, where the Oak Grove is an enduring emblem of Linfield’s learning community, the familiar saying rings true – the purpose of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.

To learn more, feel free to look through the other pages on our website or contact Craig Haisch ’95, director of development, by email or at 503.883.2675.