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President's Circle Leadership Team

The President's Circle is guided by a team of volunteers who are committed to developing a culture of philanthropy at Linfield College. These individuals promote giving with the goal of expanding the membership in the President's Circle and developing the resources that will advance Linfield's mission. These leaders serve as ambassadors for the college and are the hosts for the annual President's Circle dinner.

Pete Miller

Pete Miller '69 was motivated to volunteer on the President's Circle Leadership Council out of appreciation for Linfield's long connection with his family. Pete spent the first five years of his life on College Avenue, and both of his parents as well as two aunts are Linfield alums. "I hope to give back to Linfield College for all of its contributions to my family, as well as my own personal and professional growth," Miller said.

Miller graduated with a bachelor's degree in history and went on to a career in education. He taught in McMinnville, as well as overseas for the Department of Defense, and served as principal at schools in Carlton and Sherwood before retiring in 2009.

Miller hopes to increase the size of Linfield's endowment, and to help set Linfield apart from other schools that are struggling. "The efforts of volunteers like me will assist in growing and maintaining Linfield as one of the best colleges in the country," Miller said.

 Dave Dillon

Dave Dillon '89 graduated with a B.A. in political science and economics. He is currently the executive vice president for the Oregon Farm Bureau. Dillon looks back fondly on his time at Linfield and is motivated to help others share his positive experience.

"Linfield College changed my life, gave me opportunities I wouldn't have had anywhere else," Dillon said. "There were a lot of people that put in a lot of work to make my experience what it was; I want to do the same for others."

While at Linfield his junior year, Dillon served as a student- trustee. After graduating he went on to serve on the Alumni Association Board for six years, ultimately becoming a member of the Board of Trustees in 1996. While thankful for his opportunities at Linfield, Dillon also realizes the importance of giving back.

"I know how little of the cost to educate me, I actually paid" said Dillon. Now a member of the President's Circle, Dillon heeds the advice of former Linfield president Charlie Walker who on graduation day said to him, "I look forward to you supporting the college from this day forward. If the college is successful it will be a reflection on you."

Dave and his wife Anastacia (Sims) '89 reside in Tigard, Oregon with their two children.

Ardi Ferguson

Ardis Ferguson '67 followed in the footsteps of her sister, Judy (Erikson) McCormick '61, when she chose to attend Linfield. After graduating, Ardis served as a flight attendant with United Airlines until her retirement in 2003.

Ferguson and her husband Bob '65, have remained active in college alumni activities. "We love the people here and would like to help students choose their walk in life," she said.

Ferguson has big plans for the Leadership Team. She hopes to get all alumni to make at least a modest gift annually to the school.

"We need to set the examples for new graduates in giving time and money to keep Linfield successful," said Ferguson, who believes that it is important for Linfield alums to take leadership roles for the benefit of the college.

Ferguson supports the Wildcat football team and wants to encourage students to study or live abroad.

Bob Ferguson

Bob Ferguson '65 graduated from Linfield with a bachelor's degree in psychology. While at Linfield, he led the Wildcat football team to the NAIA national championship and is now a member of the Linfield Athletics Hall of Fame.

In addition to leading the Wildcats to three Northwest Conference championships, he was a member of Theta Chi fraternity, the speech and debate team and was a senior men's honorary president of the Cardinal Circle, a club comprised of varsity letter winners of all sports.

Following graduation, he became a captain in the U.S. Marine Corps, earning a Purple Heart in Vietnam as a photo reconnaissance navigator. He discovered his career niche after founding Reps Northwest, an agency representing sporting goods and advertising suppliers.

At 61, Ferguson earned a master's degree in teaching and became a published author. In his recent memoir, "Some Days Chicken, Some Days Feathers," he reflects on his days at Linfield and in Vietnam.

Now retired, Ferguson hopes that by serving on the Leadership Team he can give back to Linfield.

"It is my dream that Linfield will educate the leaders of the next generation," said Ferguson. "It is important to continue the academic and athletic excellence which creates a well rounded student."

He believes that it is important for alumni to take leadership roles to keep this tradition alive.

John HubbardJohn Hubbard '62, past chair, is proud to be a volunteer member of the President's Circle Leadership Team for many reasons, including that he holds Linfield to be an essential part of his family's development.

"We received a quality education, were taught how to think and were well trained for the workforce," said Hubbard, who earned a degree in business. "Linfield was also the catalyst for bringing Judy Jandrey '63 and me together as a couple."

Looking back on his years as a student, Hubbard is thankful for all the people who helped him complete his education. He especially appreciates the efforts of his then-employer, Bill Rutherford, Sr., owner of the Rutherford Variety Store, who aided Hubbard with financial support during his senior year.

With Linfield degree in hand, Hubbard was hired by John Deere, where he worked for 30 years. After retiring in 1992, he earned an M. Div. from San Francisco Theological Seminary and later obtained his doctorate in ministry. Currently, he is a chaplain and the assistant director of pastoral care at Providence Hospital in Portland.

Recognizing the difference Linfield can make in an individual's future, Hubbard explains the importance of maintaining such an institution.

"Giving and volunteering is the only way the product, Linfield, will be able to continue. It is important to build an endowment," said Hubbard. "If you don't, sometime down the road, the Linfield that we know won't be here."

Hubbard believes it is important for people to support their college and focus on helping in specific ways. "I know what kind of heritage we want to leave," says Hubbard, "that of a stronger Linfield."

Judy Hubbard

Judy (Jandrey) Hubbard '63 joined the President's Circle Leadership Team in 2008. Hubbard attended Linfield as a pre-nursing student before graduating from St. Francis Memorial School of Nursing in San Francisco in 1964. Her positive experience at Linfield motivated her to join the Leadership Team.

Hubbard believes in supporting the causes of organizations in which she believes. "I appreciate the opportunity to work with my husband (John '62) on a committee for which we both feel a common bond.""I have always felt a loyalty to Linfield due to the good education that I received in preparing me for the profession of nursing and because of the lifelong friendships made during the two years at Linfield," she said. She is currently the Parish Nurse for the Presbyterian Urban Network in Portland.

Her overall objectives are to renew other former students' loyalty to Linfield, to encourage that loyalty to translate into financial support of the college and to increase communication between the alumni and the current college teaching staff, the administration and the students.

Glenn Kuhn

Glenn Kuhn '71 was not the first person in his family to begin college, but he was the first to graduate. Attending Linfield changed his life and he remains involved as a way to give back “some small portion to all those who helped me obtain my education and to contribute to the education of today’s students.”

Following his graduation from Linfield, Kuhn served in the U.S. Navy, retiring as Lieutenant Commander. After a career with Verizon Wireless, he retired as a network director of engineering and operations.

“Linfield provides many opportunities for students to be personally involved in becoming successful in life,” he said. “The professors and staff make themselves readily available to anyone who needs additional help or support. Wildcats care about each other.”

As a student, Kuhn was aware of scholarship funds, but after graduating he became more conscious of a larger number of alumni, parents, faculty, staff and friends who give to Linfield because they believe in what the college stands for and what the college does.

“I feel privileged to be able to pay back in some small portion to all those who helped me obtain my education and to also contribute to the education of today’s students,” he said. “Most everything good in my career that has taken place since graduating stems from the support, the education, the love and the care that I received as a student and continue to receive as an alum and as a volunteer.” 

Kuhn said he believes it is important to help students and alumni understand that the opportunities available at Linfield are provided, in part, through gifts from alumni, parents and friends. He hopes to encourage others to become aware of what is happening on campus with current students, faculty and staff, and to support those efforts.

Eric Nichols

Eric Nichols '81 came to Linfield to play football and attend small classes with great professors. "It is one of the best decisions I have ever made," he said.

Nichols is the vice president of information technology at Sublimity Insurance Company. He hopes to contribute to Linfield's success as a member of the President's Circle Leadership Team.

"I want to help other alumni see the great work Linfield is doing so that they will want to give back to and support the college so it can continue to be an outstanding community of learning," Nichols said.

Nichols feels it is important for alumni to take leadership roles for the college. "We should work to make the 'Linfield Experience' available for current and future students," Nichols said.

Nichols hopes that Linfield will continue to make the college affordable for students, expand programs and opportunities on campus and around the world, retain excellent and caring professors and staff, and maintain and upgrade classrooms and campus grounds.

Robin Nichols

Robin (Burmeister) Nichols '82 wanted to attend a college with ties to the American Baptist churches. She found the perfect fit at Linfield. "I knew it was where I wanted to be," she said.

Nichols graduated and pursued her career as a CPA with Boldt, Carlisle & Smith, LLC. She is excited to be a part of the President's Circle Leadership Team.

"I want to encourage others to contribute to Linfield so that students can continue to enjoy the Linfield experience," Nichols said.

Nichols believes alumni leaders are crucial to the school's success. "It is important to give to the college that was so influential in shaping who I am," she said. She hopes that with her role on the leadership team, she will be active in gaining more alumni financial support.

Nichols said her dream for Linfield is "to continue to be one of the finest liberal arts colleges for generations of students to experience."

Justin Samples

Justin Samples '05 chose to study finance at Linfield because of the college's academic, cultural and social reputation. As a student he was active in Theta Chi fraternity and was a member of the football team.

Samples joined the Leadership Team in an effort to give back to the institution that gave him so much. He hopes to encourage other alumni to support the institution and to take leadership roles in the college community.

Samples believes that alumni have a unique opportunity to play key roles as leaders in the college community. "As alumni, we have seen the areas where Linfield is great, as well as the areas of opportunity," he said.

With his involvement on the Leadership Team, Samples will work to encourage more alumni to give back to Linfield and ultimately help current students from all backgrounds further their education and personal development.

Samples' dream for his alma mater is for it to continue to be one of the top private colleges on the West Coast that provides students with a wide array of experiences.

Samples, a branch manager for Ameriprise Financial, competes in triathalons and Ironman competitions.

For more information, please contact Craig Haisch, director of development, by email or at 503-883-2675.

President's Circle Leadership Team, Winter 2015