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Linfield College is the proud home to three national fraternities and one local fraternity. The brothers of Kappa Sigma, Delta Psi Delta, Theta Chi, and Pi Kappa Alpha are well represented in clubs, academics, student leadership, and athletics at Linfield College.

A fraternity is a value-based organization of men who share a bond of ritual, friendship, service and brotherhood. Members of a fraternity make a commitment to upholding the values of the organization itself. Through their common experiences centered on a pursuit of higher education they build bonds that last a lifetime.

Fraternities have been an important aspect of American colleges and universities for over two hundred years. Over the course of history, two types of fraternities evolved: local fraternities and national fraternities. Local fraternities refer to organizations that exist on a limited number of campuses, usually less than three, and have no national governing structure. A national fraternity is an organization that has chapters - groups of men belonging to the fraternity that attend one college or university - across the country. These fraternities have a national governing structure and professional staff that provide support to their chapters. Currently, 66 national fraternities with undergraduate membership exceeding 350,000 are found on over 800 college campuses in the United States and Canada.

25-30% of Linfield men choose to join a fraternity during their undergraduate years. Hundreds of Linfield alumni are grateful for the opportunities afforded them by their fraternity membership, while current members learn timeless skills of leadership, scholarship and helping others through service & philanthropic efforts.

2017 Fraternity Chapter Presidents
Delta Psi Delta: Adrian Duncan
Kappa Sigma: Hunter Evangelista
Pi Kappa Alpha: Justin Meyer
Theta Chi: Matt Nagy