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Kappa Sigma FAQs

Frequently asked questions about Kappa Sigma will continue to be added to this page as they are received by the FSL Office.

Why did Kappa Sigma withdraw from Linfield University?

The primary reason for the withdrawal of Kappa Sigma at Linfield University was due to consistent low membership numbers from 2015-2019.

What is Linfield doing to increase enrollment/attract more students to the McMinnville campus?

Note: The McMinnville enrollment number is different from the total enrollment, which includes the Portland campus and OCE students. Fraternity and sorority life, of course, is primarily driven by McMinnville campus numbers.

A total of 1,881 students were enrolled as of the census date in spring 2019: 1,271 in McMinnville; 343 in Portland; and 267 in the online continuing education (OCE) programs. Overall enrollment on the McMinnville campus had been in decline for five years, mirroring what has happened at many liberal arts colleges in the region and nationally.

But Linfield has made a lot of changes in the past year, and the efforts seem to be bearing fruit. The number of paid deposits we have for next fall is 42% ahead of last year on the same date. That’s a huge swing in one year, and outpaces what we’re hearing from any other college or university.

In the past year, the Office of Admission rethought everything it had been doing, and brought new approaches to bear. A number of faculty members spent time calling prospective students and/or meeting them when they came to campus. The college began a restructuring process that allowed it to reallocate resources to areas focused on student recruiting as well as retention of the students we have now. Athletics redoubled its commitment to having full rosters on all teams. The administration worked closely with community colleges on transfer enrollment, and we focused even more intensely on serving the needs of first-generation students and prospective students.

We also bolstered academic offerings in recent years, adding majors, a minor and new programs:


  • Wine Studies
  • Law, Rights and Justice
  • Sport Management
  • Global Cultural Studies
  • Public Health Promotion
  • Secondary Education
  • Engineering Concentration (Applied Physics)


  • Data Science 

Other Programs

  • Language Proficiency Certificates
  • Graduate ESOL Endorsement in Education
  • Marching Band

So we’re cautiously optimistic about the direction everything is headed, and as we grow and expand in the years ahead we certainly hope that fraternities and sororities continue to be a significant and growing part of our student life.

Who made the decision for Kappa Sigma to close?

The undergraduate chapter members of the spring 2019 semester, with input from their alumni and national headquarters, made the decision to withdraw their chapter’s charter.

Will Kappa Sigma be allowed to return to Linfield in the future?

If there is strong interest and support from the alumni members and the national organization headquarters staff, Kappa Sigma may request to re-establish at Linfield in the 2023-2024 academic year. Ultimately, the college will determine whether Kappa Sigma, or any fraternity/sorority will be allowed to re-establish if and when a formal request is made. Factors that the college will consider when these requests are made are:

  • How much tangible alumni and headquarters staff support is exhibited
    • Reestablishment is a huge commitment for alumni, and it takes at least two years of very hands-on advising and support for a chapter to plant enough roots to be a sustainable campus organization
  • Current enrollment trends at the college - particularly that of male-identifying students
  • Current climate of fraternity life at the college
    • are the existing chapters thriving; will adding another chapter help or hurt the existing chapters; is the Interfraternity Council (IFC) prepared to support another chapter; etc. 

What happens to the remaining members of Kappa Sigma at Linfield who have not yet graduated?

They will be granted early alumni status from Kappa Sigma, and will continue to be supported by the college and the FSL Office as members of our community.