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Non-Linfield Sponsored Scholarships

Linfield encourages you to get as much outside financial assistance as possible. If you receive any outside scholarships, email our office at finaid@linfield.edu the name and the amount of your awards so that we can add it to your financial aid award, we will adjust your financial aid package to keep it as generous as possible.  Below you will be able to review and link out to Non-Linfield sponsored scholarships, be sure to also review other links we suggest on our Financial Aid and Scholarships Links page too.

Linfield students with outstanding records should also visit the Nationally Competitive Scholarships and Fellowships pages to learn more about highly competitive programs such as the Rhodes or Fulbright programs.

Linfield McMinnville students planning to major in nursing are encouraged to view the list of External Scholarship opportunities on the Good Samaritan School of Nursing in Portland site.

Linfield students are encouraged to utilize CashCourse for additional financial literacy and scholarship resources.

Remember: Don’t pay for scholarship applications, it could be a scam to get your personal information! Valid scholarship offers do not require an application fee.

Top 10 Tips for Successful Scholarship Applications

  1. Apply only if you know you will be eligible to recieve the award.
  2. Complete the application in full.
  3. Follow directions. Do not supply items not requested (e.g., transcripts, resumes, etc.). 
  4. Neatness does count.
  5. Make sure your essay leaves an impression.
  6. Watch all deadlines.
  7. Give it a final “once over” before you submit your application.
  8. Ask for help if you need it.
  9. Take steps to make sure your application gets where it needs to go.
  10. Remember, your scholarship application represents you!

Based on “FastWeb’s Tips for College Students” April 2000 www.fastweb.com

Outside Scholarships Available: 


Comupter Sciences

Data Science


Medical Field






Search Engine Website


Various Majors

Questions? E-mail Financial Aid at: finaid@linfield.edu