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Financial Aid

Commonly Asked Financial Aid Questions

What is SALT(TM)?

Linfield College has teamed up with SALT(TM), a new membership program, to help our students and alumni manage their money and student loans.  SALT(TM) was created by American Student Assistance, a nonprofit organization, to help Linfield College's students become more financially savvy.  Linfield students and alumni can join at saltmoney.org/LINFIELD for free to help manage student loans and finances successfully, to speak with an expert student loan counselor and receive free student loan advice, find scholarships, internships, or job, and more.  Students and alumni can contact SALT member support at 855.469.2724 with any questions about their SALT accounts. If members have questions about their student loans, they should call a SALT loan counselor at 877.523.9473. Members can also follow SALT at Facebook.com/saltmoney or on Twitter at @SALT_MONEY.

What is an Expected Family Contribution?

The amount a family is expected to pay toward college costs. This amount is determined by a needs analysis standardized formula established by the federal government. The Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is a starting point for determining financial aid eligibility.

How is my financial need determined?

Financial need is the difference between the expected family contribution and the total cost of attending Linfield College. Students who receive less financial aid than they are eligible to receive have an "unmet need". Linfield will award as much aid and as many types of aid as possible to every student who demonstrates financial need, however, it is not always possible to award enough financial aid to equal the calculated financial need amount.  Cost of Attendance (COA) - Expected Family Contribution  (EFC)= Financial Need

How will my financial aid award package change from year to year?

The financial aid package you receive your first year will be similar to the package you will receive the following years as long as you meet the required deadlines and conditions for the aid renewal. There is a "great myth" that colleges use financial aid to attract students, then reduce the aid packages during the students' second year. This is not the case at Linfield College. There are a number of factors which could affect a student's aid package from year to year. These factors include a change in financial need, occasional aid eligibility criteria changes, not maintaining the minimum GPA requirement for an academic scholarship to be renewed, and not meeting the FAFSA® priority filing deadline.

What happens to my financial aid award package if I receive a private, local scholarship?

Linfield College will not change or reduce your financial aid package if you receive a private, local scholarship. You can be assured that your Linfield grants and scholarships will not be adjusted when we find out that you are receiving other scholarships. Linfield College will only adjust your financial aid if federal aid guidelines require an adjustment to occur. If an adjustment is required Federal loans and work-study would be reduced before any other aid is adjusted.

What do the financial aid status codes mean in WebAdvisor?

A = Accepted

P = Pending

U = Hold after accepted

H = Hold prior to accepting/rejecting

R = Rejected

V = Hold, requires further documents to complete Verification

X = Not eligible

E = Entitlement (no requirement to accept/reject)


How will my grant and scholarship aid compare to the amount I 'm awarded in loans?

It is difficult to determine exactly how much you will be awarded in grant, scholarship, and loan aid before reviewing your financial aid application and completing the awarding process. Many factors contribute to the amount a student receives in grants, scholarships, and loans including a student's financial need, high school GPA, and aid program eligibility. Keep in mind that you may decline any type of aid awarded including loans without having it affect your other types of awarded aid. It is true that there has been a significant increase in student loan borrowing over the past decade as costs have increased and Federal and State grant monies have not increased at the same rate. Linfield College is committed to providing you with the best possible aid package.

Does Linfield College offer athletic scholarships?

Linfield has a rich athletic tradition of developing superior athletic teams and making athletics a part of a student's educational experience. As a member of the NCAA Division III, Linfield does not offer athletic scholarships. Linfield uses its financial resources to assist students based on their financial need, and many athletes demonstrate financial need and therefore receive financial assistance. In other words, financial assistance is not awarded based on athletic talent or participation, but rather financial circumstances and academic performance.

What are the rules for keeping scholarships and grants given by Linfield?

You must register for and complete at least 12 credits each semester and earn a minimum of 24 credits during an academic year, and if you are in good Satisfactory Academic Progress, you must have a cumulative GPA at or above 2.00 at the end of spring semester each year.

What if I elect to take less than 12 credits, how will that impact my financial aid award?

You will lose any Linfield institutional grants and scholarships.  If you are a recipient of the Federal Pell Grant, your award amount will be revised based upon the number of credit hours you enroll in and your program.  If you are a recipient of any other federal grants, employment or student loans you must be enrolled in at least six credits to remain eligible.  If you are a dependent student whose parent is borrowing a Federal Direct Parent PLUS loan on your behalf, you must be enrolled in at least six credit hours.  Please note: if you plan to be taking between 10-18 credit hours you will be charged the full time tuition rate; if you take 9 credit hours or less, you will be charged a per credit rate.

Will I be able to purchase books and supplies with my financial aid?

If there will be a credit balance on your student account after financial aid is applied to your Linfield charges, you may charge your books to your Student Account.  Visit the Linfield Bookstore in Riley Hall and the Bookstore will have a list to confirm you are eligible to do so. Alternately, you may inquire about Linfield's short-term loan process in the Office of Financial Aid.

Questions? E-mail Financial Aid at: finaid@linfield.edu