- Linfield College
Finance and Administration

Accounting/Controller’s Office Staff

General Accounting, Controller & Assistant

Paul L. Shillam      Assistant V.P. Finance Services/Controller       
503-883-2698       pshillam@linfield.edu

Carol Stowell-Heller      Assistant Controller      
503-883-2618             cstowell@linfield.edu  

Amy DeYoung       Accounting Clerk II
503-883-2608     adeyoun@linfield.edu

Forms and other information: Financial Policies and Procedures

Accounts Payable/Purchasing Office

Vivian Wymore      Accounts Payable & Purchasing Manager
503-883-2780     vwymore@linfield.edu

Darlene Hempel      Accounts Payable Specialist
503-883-2459       dhempel@linfield.edu

General Contact         accountspayable@linfield.edu

Forms and other information: Accounts Payable Office

Student Accounts/Cashier Office

Tara Kleinberg          Student Account Manager/ Bursar
503-883-2460           tkleinbe@linfield.edu      

Sara Chaufty             Student Accounts Specialist
503-883-2455           schaufty@linfield.edu         

Marcy McCune         Loans Receivable Coordinator
503-883-2461           mmccune@linfield.edu         

503-883-2241           student.accounts@linfield.edu

Additional information: http://www.linfield.edu/student-accounts.html

Budget Office (Not under the Controller)

Greg Copeland       Director of Budget & Financial Analysis
503-883-2501        gcopelan@linfield.edu